Top 5 wigs and hairs stores at Aliexpress

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Any woman dreams about beautiful long and silky hair, but nature sometimes disposes in a different way. If genetics has not rewarded you, you have a chance to make you beautiful and attractive while using the progress. That is easy to do and the price is not very high in reality.

The most common method is the hair extensions. It will be done in a couple of hours, you can turn into the owner of long thick hair and increase their length to 70 cm, which can never be achieved naturally. Sometimes you can even increase the area of bangs to add charm to the appearance, and self-confidence.

There are other ways to get beautiful hair without resorting to a salon. You can purchase hairs for clip in extensions and attach and remove them when you want. Another way of solving the problem is to purchase hairpieces and wigs.

If you do not fit the options in some reasons, you can always buy it at Aliexpress. The most  popular are the Brazilian ones, they are the most expensive on the market. You can also find Slavic, at a price they are almost twice as cheap. But the European ones can be different, the prices are both very cheap and insanely expensive up to $ 1,000.

I propose you the selection of stores that sell hair extensions, hair clip-in, wigs and hairpieces. The main material is natural hair, but among the lots can be artificial one too. Read the description carefully before making a purchase.

The selection includes 5 sellers with a rating of 97% and more than 1,000 sales. All of them have the status of a trusted brand. Oddly enough, it was not so easy to find even 5 good stores.

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5. YYong Hair Store


The shop has a very high assortment. Here you will find 185 lots with different types of goods. There are several types of products on sale: Brazilian hair wigs, hair extensions clip in, hair deep wave and keratin capsules.


4. LOVINESS Official Store


This seller can be on the 1st place, but the number of deals is far from the competition. And there aren't so many goods. By the way, depending on the country, the number of lots varies. Wigs only are sold here.


3. ISEE Official Store


There are a lot of wigs, strands, hair deep wave, hair 360 frontal and hairpieces of different colors. Brazilian hair is predominant, but you can also find European. As for prices, this store seemed to me adequate.


2 moonmagic Official Store


The main goods of the shop are wigs. The choice is incredibly large: with long hair and short, with bangs or without it, braiding and hair 360 frontal. Some of them are even ready-made. You will also be impressed with the choice of color.


1. Ali Annabelle Official Store


The shop is on the 1st place of the TOP-list. It is the result of true manage, that let to get the combination of a good rating, and a large number of sales. I also want to note that the assortment here is much better than in other stores and prices for some products are much lower. It has everything: strands, wigs, hairpieces, hair extensions clip in and keratin capsules.


There are a lot of variants to get long and beautiful hair now, but the only thing that is clear is that you need to choose high-quality materials. The best variant is to choose natural hair. They will not be confused, and they can be cut and painted to match your hairstyle, and you can even straighten or make beautiful curls. The main thing is to approach everything responsibly and with taste.

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