21 June 2019
Hello there to all followers of my blog. In this post you'll see my real look, so if you are impressionable and even squeamish, don't continue scrolling. There will be the shoots of my real skin without make-up and Photoshop.
19 April 2019
Today I want to share my thoughts on a very cool Gcarol dress from Aliexpress. At first when I bought that dress, I was indifferent to it. I've purchased it only cause other girls had the similar dress with embroidery and I hadn't.
27 February 2019
Hello there! Todays I dedicate my post to the most beautiful dress of the summer. The one with no back and off-the-shoulder.
21 January 2019
Just recently this woman's handbag had a great demand on Aliexpress. Clutches, backpacks and wallets have been made with the presented design. However it haven't reached a bit to become an Ali hit or bestseller...
28 February 2018
I never believed that the problem of swollen eyes and dark circles could be solved by hydrogel patches for the eyes. This problem is in the body, such as kidney disease. But I like to experiment and so I decided to try it.
10 February 2018
I really liked this lingerie very much. I'm not a fan of half-naked photos, I agreed to this not simply. But that you would understand the beauty of this kit, it was necessary.
29 January 2018
Today we will have an unusual review. I will tell you not about the Aliexpress product, but about another website - BBcosmetics.com. They sell original Korean cosmetics.
19 January 2018
I have long wanted to buy this thing because we have a very hot summer, and I always buy mineral water. I know it's not very good. And I don’t like when in the gym everyone has the same bottles of water. In that case it's very easy to get confused, which one is yours. So I decided to buy this bottle.