TOP 10 Best Selling Products in October 2020 on Aliexpress

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The Sale 11.11 is a great event, but there is a new month. What do we do in this case? Right! We sum up the results of the previous one. Let's see what products were the bestsellers on Aliexpress in October. What's changed, what's new, and what's off the list? We remind you that the TOP is created according to the official report of Alibaba Group.

Here you can find the list of TOP products in September.

10. Organizer for cable with velcro


It is useful thing. Women, who are constantly annoyed by the number of wires, will really appreciate it. It is very easy and simple to organize it with this thing.


9. I7s TWS Bluetooth headphones


I7s TWS have regained their popularity and they are here again. Most likely, these are the cheapest Bluetooth headphones on Aliexpress. The product's rating dropped slightly in comparison with the previous time. The price strongly affects the quality. But people's interest in the product did not decrease, and there are about 10,000 pcs were sold this month.


8. Double-sided plush toy


It's amazing that such a cute product is in the TOP list. People try not to purchase useless things this time. Even if they're so cute. Probably, a big role of the sales amount was played by the price, which make people buy this product. By the way, the octopus is not small. Its size is 20x20x10 cm.


7. Infrared thermometer


As often as this year, no one took their temperature. Wherever you turn, infrared thermometer is pointed at you.


6. Car magnetic smartphone holder


That is a great thing that simplifies drivers’ life. If you have a smartphone, do not skimp and purchase the holder.


5. Christmas led lights


Finally, something new and pleasant has appeared. That is so due to the upcoming of New Year holidays. I wish all of humanity would forget about diseases and adversities as soon as possible and start to enjoy the end of this year. Then the whole TOP list would be filled with tinsel, garlands, lights and Christmas toys. By the time, there is only one thing here. But it was sold about 20,000 times in a month.


4. Cotton reusable masks


The popularity of masks is obvious, but this lot is in great demand due to good prices. One set consists of 6 cotton reusable masks. It is only $ 1.60. This is a great price today.


3. Silicone cases for iPhones


This product is from the previous TOP list. According to the Alibaba Group report, it could increase for 1 more position due to 20,000+ sales. IPhones need high-quality protection, and their owners know it.


2. Throwaway masks


In compliance with the increasing quarantine measures almost all over the world, it is not surprising that masks are sold in large volumes. It seems that they will never decrease their popularity. This lot was sold more than 20,000 + times this month.


1. Magnetic USB cable


This product has never left our ratings. Lots and manufacturers can be changed, but the cable itself always remained in the TOP positions. There were more than 40,000 sales in October, which allowed to take the 1st place three times in a row.


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The month has passed quickly, and we are once again can see changes in the list of bestsellers on Aliexpress. Subscribe to our social networks below and share this article with your friends in order not to miss anything.

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