How to add, delete, change credit card on Aliexpress

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Hello-hello my dear followers. This time I'm going to tell you how to make banking card operations on Aliexpress. For sure the ways of payment are well-known for everybody. However the process of adding or removing a card can create troubles even for most storied shopaholics.

How to add a card on Aliexpress

There are two methods of adding a card to your account.

First method

We'll add card simultaneously with payment for a purchase. To do so you should pass all the steps of making the order and stop on the stage of entering the payment data. Under the data box there is a line with inscription “Save card”. You need to put a tick there.

Страница оплаты картой Алиэкспресс

Second method

What is Alipay

It is a payment service by Aliexpress. It allows observing all your payment activity on Ali. This site is as secured as Ali itself and we will make a card linkage on it.

To preserve you card, make sure that you have well-considered and enough complicated passwords.

I can write direct link to Alipay but I won't put it here to avoid risky situation with the interception of your data. Instead I'll give you a link to the official FAQ page where you can get safe link to Alipay.

You can find it at the bottom of the FAQ page after following this link

Copy the service link from the note and paste it into the browser address bar.


In case it's your first enter on Ali, the system will ask you to create your Ali account and offer an affirmation letter to your email.

2 1

After the tapping of CAPCHA you will receive a letter with the affirmation link to pass.

If you already registered your account, then there will be the following info:

2 3

Press on the card-icon button. Next steps are described below.

So if you do not have your account you'll be asked to establish it.

Possibly it is system's fail but each time you will enter Alipay, it could ask you to affirm your email and to create an account.

2 2

If you want, you can do it. If not, just close this window and reopen the Alipay web-page. I will offer to add a banking card then. If you do everything correctly, then you'll see the page with the bars to fill.

Добавление карты в Alipay

After that you'll be able to fill the bars with your card data. If you've made purchases on Ali earlier, then the box “payment address” will be filled with yours. Pay attention to this line. If it's not correct or you want to change it, then choose “Use another address” instead. After that you should enter your current location and press “Save the card” button.

In case you've done right the page would be as on the following screen.


Attention! By saving the card you facilitate your payments. Now you will make 2 steps to pay against usual 3-steps payment.

First you should press on the item in your cart and choose “Order from this seller”

Then you will see common Ali order of item page with the only difference in the “Way of payment” bar. There you will see your card as at the image below. As it is linked you can press the “Accept and pay” button and your purchase will be paid.

Корзина с товаром на Алиэкспресс

It means that now while making a purchase you must be careful because there could be a risk to buy an item that you do not need. You need to get use to a linked card but it indeed facilitates your shopping.

And if you temporary need to make payment from another card or another way, but don't want to remove your linked card then in the “Payment methods” you should choose “Other payment methods” and only then press the “Accept and pay”. You will see the usual page with all possible ways of payment. You just need to take one which you need.


How to remove card from Aliexpress

There is only one way to do it. First we need to open already familiar FAQ page and copy Alipay link from there.

For those who don't get it why we are doing so, read carefully the previous paragraph. If your card has already been linked to Ali, the page will look as follows:


In case you are not registered at Alipay press “View your cards”. Then the list of your linked cards will be displayed. Next to each card you can see the “Remove” option. By pressing the button you easily remove its data.

Удаление карты из Alipay

Doing so, you will be able to remove all the linked cards. After you'll have done everything correct, the page will be looked as on photo:


Let's stop our topic here today. I hope that this post is useful and if you have any additional questions, you can ask them in comments. I always reply. Have good purchase.

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