Best Art supplies stores at Aliexpress

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People who are engaged in fine arts, sooner or later come to the idea to purchase everything you need on Aliexpress. This is a responsible business and it needs to be approached with seriousness, otherwise a bad product can spoil a unique and maybe even "masterpiece" work.

AliExpress has a lot of cheap and low-quality products, but also there are a lot of good brands, such as Faber Castle and Marco. The brands are at the top of the trust of creative people. The quality of the products depends on the production technology, but also on storage, and even the stores that sell it.

I have prepared a TOP list of stores for artists who approach their work with full responsibility. This is not a whole list, but some of trustful sellers. Sellers are arranged in random order. The quality of products can depend on both: the price and the integrity of the manufacturer. However, if you deal with the seller, you will know exactly what you will get exactly the product that you ordered. So, it will come in integrity and safety. And in case of any problems, the seller will stay on your side.

If you are looking for something specific, then check out the essential items for the aspiring artist. In this list I tried to collect the most basic things that may be needed at the beginning of the journey.

Seamiart Painting Material


Here is possible to find everything an artist really needs: from canvas and oil paints to erasers. Although the seller only works for six months, he holds the lead among competitors. This indicates the quality of its services and attention to customers.


Wonder Colors Art


At the sight of such a choice of products, any artist will fall into euphoria. There are gorgeous sets of watercolors, acrylics, and some olive oil paints. Also there are brushes of all sizes, shapes, and different lint. And it is easy to find a huge number of sets of branded pencils.


Colourful Art Store


That is a new store that mainly sells products for graphic drawing. Here you can purchase branded Staedtler pencils and charcoal for graphics. So, if you like to use markers in your creative ideas, then this range will definitely appeal to you.


LYoo Art supplies


That is one of the most popular seller on AliExpress in this niche. It covers almost all areas and branches of fine art. Perhaps he has the biggest choice. There are products for both: beginners and professional artists. My attention was drawn to sets for drawing pencils to match the color of the skin, as well as white gel pens.


Chenyu Painting Material Store


The assortment is not as huge as in other stores, but the store has great reviews. So, it could get the 1st place due to its great work. There is a good assortment of markers, watercolor and ordinary pencils, crayons and watercolors. The prices are the best.


Bianyo Painting Material


The seller works exclusively with professional brands such as Marco, Faber Castle, Winsor & Newton, Bianyo and many others. Despite six years of experience, I managed to maintain an excellent rating. It is distinguished from its competitors not only by its service, but also by its excellent prices.


Litchi Tree Painting & School Supplies


If you dream of becoming a professional cartoonist, you should visit this shop. There are a lot of original and interesting products for novice artists who are passionate about graphics. The assortment is really great.


Bogelinuo Art


If you want to be professional animator then you should visit this shop. There is a lot of original and interesting product for beginner artists who are passionate about graphics. There is very big assortment.


Dainayw Painting Material & School Supplies


At the sight of such goods, you will want to throw everything in the basket. The prices are equal, and the goods have a high quality. You can find both: professional accessories of brand companies and unknown ones. There is a huge selection of helium pens for graphics and simple and colored pencils. There's a lot of stuff for fine art, too.


Aimee's Art


Here is a good item for beginners. You can easily find a lot of interesting and useful things for graphics and drawing. Here I found sets of crayons, which I did not notice in other stores. There are also professional watercolors.


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