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The Boho style was established at the beginning of 2000 in the UK and America; however it has its roots already in 60-70-th of the XX century. Nowadays this style combines the elements of many different cultures: hippies, gypsies, vintage and ethnic.
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It's not an easy task to find good makeup stores on AliExpress. Brand products are represented in a very small number there. However I've tried and chosen the best and most popular of them.
A month ago
The following summer will bring us lots of new trends. Something remains in fashion and other will disappear for long. The topic is too huge so it can't fit one post. Each trend needs one personal list. With that it will be easier to learn new info and make your choice.
A month ago
It's not an easy task to buy a nice swimsuit if you live in a small town, especially if you want to buy not one but three. It will be not just expensive in price but the items' range there will be absolutely boring. If in your place of living there is such a problem or you want something new but relatively cheap, then “Welcome to Aliexpress”.
A month ago
On 21st March due to its birthday AliExpress launched a new promo campaign “Anniversary Sale”. The sale begins at march 28, 00:00 PT and lasts to march 31, 00:00 PT . Right now you can add your desire to the cart or favorites and watch...
2 months ago
Let's look on the popular trend colors for 2019 and choose suitable clothes on our favorite Aliexpress. Color trends do not come out of nothing. There are institutes that design color schemes by studding tones and their combinations from previous catalogs and scouting the public opinions and popular stiles.
2 months ago
Each school-girl eagerly waits for her prom or graduation. It is the day when she will shine at her best with no limitation regarding dressing and makeover. Finally no one will object her bright makeup and the length of nails. The only finance limits the fantasy. The girl must think of it long before the graduation day. With this article I will help you to choose it.
2 months ago
I won't discuss this holiday from the religious point. This post will consider only the decorative side that is why both Orthodox and Catholic as well as heathen elements will be intermixed there.