Top 10 Watches stores at Aliexpress

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Original watches are rather expensive. So, there is no reason to collect money for purchasing models from fashion manufacturers. It is better to buy the original watches from less famous companies. You may find a lot of models on AliExpress. Many stores are focused on the goods, that’s why it is easy to find something.

I propose you TOP-10 stores to save your time and money. All of them have a high rate (97% or more) and more than 5 000 deals.

Watches are the accessories, which can give the right accent to any image. So, don’t stop yourself with the only style. Try to purchase several models to mix different accessories. In this case, you will look great and different in any time. Do you like 90th? Choose the electronic watch on bracelet. If you like eco-style, you can choose wooden watches.

10. MEGIR Official Store


Despite the fact that the store is on the last place of the TOP list, it is not bad at all. It mostly ssells watches for men, but there are some women's models. The average price is $20.


9. Skmei 10Years Wristwatches Store


The store focuses on sport watches. The assortment is really huge and there are generally electronic models. But high quality quartz watches are also here. Clients are men.


8. DOM Official Store


Here you will find a lot of luxury models of watches. It is clear due to the price, although you can find something cheaper. Eyes run away from the assortment. According to the number of sales and reviews, people like luxury accessories and buy it.


7. clovers Store


That is a very ancient store, but with a good rating and an unusual assortment. The major part of watches is for children. There are watches from the Disney company with various cartoon characters. Teenagers of both sexes also could find something here.


6. 12 Watch Store


Great seller with a high quality goods. I believe, you will find your watches after looking through the 980 models.


5. shengke Official Store


I will tell you from my personal experience: I have 4 watches from this brand, and I love it. They're gorgeous. Design and quality are on top. They are 3 years old, and they are still working. The store is very responsible and it does not tolerate mistakes on the part of its employees. They will do everything to make you happy.


4. BOBO BIRD Official Store


It is the most unusual brand from those that were included in the TOP list. Its peculiarity is in the material of watches. Usually it is a tree or bamboo. Despite this choice of primary material, their products do not suffer from poor quality. The watches can be used for a long time. By the way, the design and service of the store are also on top.


3. Skmei Official Store


The store is owned by the same seller as the TYT Professional Wristwatches store. Its assortment is similar, and the rating is almost the same.  The brand sells a very high-quality products. The only difference is that the models, which are presented here, are a bit more expensive than in the above-mentioned.


2. Curren Official Store


Here you will find excellent products for both: women and men. The assortment includes only quartz watch. The price is about 15-20$. It is slightly cheaper than in other stores.


1. NAVIFORCE Official Store


The store proposes a lot of quartz watches. The manufacturer is trustful, that’s why quality is high. Here you will find many models for women. There are elegant models, and more strict. Prices are average.


If you think that cheap watches are not equal to expensive models, you are wrong. The quality is about the same, because details are made by the manufacturer, who sells it to famous companies and small factories. The main differences can find the specialists only. That’s why there is no reason to care about the quality, when you purchase watches on AliExpress. 

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