Original watches are rather expensive. So, there is no reason to collect money for purchasing models from fashion manufacturers. It is better to buy the original watches from less famous companies. You may find a lot of models on AliExpress. Many stores are focused on the goods, that’s why it is easy to find something.

I propose you TOP-10 stores to save your time and money. All of them have a high rate (98% or more) and more than 2 000 deals.

Watches are the accessories, which can give the right accent to any image. So, don’t stop yourself with the only style. Try to purchase several models to mix different accessories. In this case, you will look great and different in any time. Do you like 90th? Choose the electronic watch on bracelet. If you like eco-style, you can choose wooden watches.

10. Unusual Watch Store


Here you will find wide range of models and low prices. There are watches for men and women which are in the traditional style or sport style.

Store link

9. BENYAR Factory Store


It seems the store is for men. But even I could find several models for me. Great design and attractive prices are here.

Store link

8. Misstimes Store


The company was launched in 2018 and today it has may followers. It focuses on watches and details. For instance, here you may find lots of good leather straps or other components for watches. Prices are rather low.

Store link

7. 77 Watch Store


I like the store. Short of assortment lets to focus on something interesting really fast. There is a watch with leather and conventional straps.

Store link

6. MEGALITH Official Store


The assortment is poor, but all the models are really original. There are both automatic watches and quartz. I recommend the store for men and women of any age.

Store link

5. 12 Watch Store


Great seller with a high quality goods. I believe, you will find your watches after looking through the 980 models.

Store link

4. TYT Professional Wristwatches store


The store focuses on sport watches. The assortment is really huge and there are generally electronic models. But high quality quartz watches are also here. Clients are men.

Store link

3. VANA Trade


That is one more good store with a great assortment. Here you may find about 1 000 models, that’s why men and women could find something cheap and stylish.

Store link

2. NAVIFORCE Official Store


The store proposes a lot of quartz watches. The manufacturer is trustful, that’s why quality is high. Here you will find many models for women. There are elegant models, and more strict. Prices are average.

Store link

1. Chinese Watch factory


That is a really trustful store with more than 1 300 models for men and women. Here are electronic and quartz watches of any style: sport, traditional, fashion and so on. Moreover, the store also proposes 3 models of mechanical watches.

Store link

If you think that cheap watches are not equal to expensive models, you are wrong. The quality is about the same, because details are made by the manufacturer, who sells it to famous companies and small factories. The main differences can find the specialists only. That’s why there is no reason to care about the quality, when you purchase watches on AliExpress. 


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