How to register on Aliexpress. Instruction

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One of the most frequent problems rose before rookies is “How can I register on Aliexpress”. To begin we need to type at the search bar. After that we will see the site main page.


At the top right could be found a-person-look icon with the inscription Account


After we've press “Join” button, the following new window will appear with the form to enter the data.

Another way to establish an account is to use social networks.  If it is fake account, I strongly recommend to complete all the registration process and enter manually all the correct data.

At the first box signed “email” you need to type your email address. First of all make sure that you clearly remember you password cause you will have to enter your email bow to approve the registration. In case you don't remember it, then it's time to create new address.

The following box is to type your password. 


After that press "Creat account". Now you are successfully registered!

The final step to create the account is to confirm your email. To do so you'll need to open your email. There you will find the letter from Open it and press the link “Confirm my email adress”.


Email from Ali has its own look on different e-box platforms. So if your letter looks not exactly the same as on screen don't be upset. Every letter has one object – somewhere there will be the activation button.

By pressing the “Activation” you will be transferred to Ali. With that you will see the page with the inscription says that your e-mail has been confirmed.


I do hope that I've answered plain and simple on the question “How to register on Aliexpress”. Now you are a full-fledged member of this awesome trade platform and you can start searching for the items.

Did you know that?

This created login and password can be applied also for as Aliexpress is an affiliated company Alibaba Group.

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