Top 6 stores with Korean skincare cosmetics at Aliexpress

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Korean skincare products are becoming popular today. There are a lot of articles about the goods or about makeup, using products from Korea. And more advanced users and bloggers make reviews about a particular product they like.

Many real and online stores propose Korean cosmetics to their clients. The most popular are caring creams, masks, tints and lip balms. The trend from Korea is possible to explain due to the compactness, pleasant aroma and colorful packaging of their products.

In this article I would like to share with you a couple of stores with Aliexpress, which are based on Korean products or simply propose several goods. Places in the Top were exhibited based on the volume of sales and store ratings. The minimum rating of stores is 97%, the minimum rating of goods is 4.8.

There is an article with brands of Chinese skincare cosmetics on our website too. Who is interested in this topic, can read. There are described the best shops of this subject that is on AliExpress.

6. MollyBeauty Store


Here you can find the main manufacturers of Korean cosmetics. The most popular goods are BB cream, cream with SPF protection and Foundation.


5. Makeup World


Here you will find a lot of popular brands from Korea, and now there is a new line of SAEM-eco-friendly products for skin care. Prices are rather high, but I think that these goods will be effective and will not make you wait for the result for a long time.


4. E_beauty Store


The shop is focused on the brand products from Korea. But there are other products too. Goods with hyaluronic acid are in the greatest demand, both in the form of serum and in the form of gel.


3. Korean Cosmetic Store


The shops proposes the most popular brands of Korean products like MIZON, TONY MOLY, HOLIKA HOLIKA and SECRET KEY. The leader of sales is very cool face mask in bright packages and face gel with aloe.


2. HHC beauty store


The store provides an assortment of Korean care cosmetics MISSHA of any color and quality. Also, the seller has allocated a separate category with discounts from 5% to 50%.


1. Best Beauty for You


The seller has many brands from Korea. So, here you will see the most popular brands, as Holika Holika, and even unknown brands. I advise you to look into the category of hot sales and "Sales leaders".


Try to purchase such goods only in trustful stores that do not hide the manufacturers of their products. It applies not only to Korean products, but also to other producing countries.

If you also use cosmetics from Korea, share your experience in the comments. Write, please, which product are your favorite.

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