Top 10 lingerie stores at Aliexpress

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"A woman should dress so that a man wants to undress her!" Gabrielle Chanel.»

Sometimes lingerie tells you about a girl more than her clothes. Therefore we try to find panties both comfortable and pretty. It's important for us that it looks nice. Underwear shows our tidiness and finesse. Selecting such intimate wears is a very important task. You need to choose correctly not only the size in accordance with the body composition but the form of the underwear as well. Wrong choice of brassieres may not only spoil the beauty of your bra but also harm your health. Thus before buying anything you should consider all your disabilities and learn how to emphasize the traits instead. Then you're going to look perfectly.

This compilation will definitely attract you and help to make a good choice. It's interesting that there are not so many sellers on Aliexpress who work specifically with panties and have a good rate. My search has become more complicated than I'd thought, but I handled it.

I put in this list 10 shops which have more than 2000 sales with the rates 98% and higher. Nevertheless only 8 of them have the status of “reliable brand”. The order in the Top list built on the quantity of sales and rate.

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10. TakeTalk Lingerie Store


The store only sells panties and thongs. There are classic models, sporty and elegant, cute or erotic, made of dense cotton or delicate silk. In general, the choice is good. Prices are usually cheap.


9. Cinvik Lingerie Store


One of the most beloved stores, because there is a huge amount of high-quality, comfortable and beautiful lingerie. The choice is good. It should be noted that only panties and occasionally bras are sold here.


8. TERMEZY Official Store


This brand comes and goes from our TOP. For the past six months, he has been absent due to a significant deterioration in ratings and reviews, but now he has corrected himself. In addition to new models of underwear, he reduced prices, albeit slightly. Here you can find both casual underwear and something more sexy. There are interesting sets that are quite pass for wedding.


7. CINOON Official Store


This store either falls or falls out of our TOP. Recently, it has regained its popularity and rating. The selection of goods is simply gorgeous. Just like girls love: moderately sexy, but at the same time casual lingerie. The quality is top notch. Average prices for linen on Ali.


6. VRAIMMOI Official Store


It has been working for only a couple of years, but it is already very popular due to high-quality products and relatively inexpensive prices. The main part of the product is made up of good cotton underwear.


5. CYHWR Official Store


The goods are varied and at good prices. There are more sexy lingerie, but there are also quite a lot of everyday ones. It depends more on what exactly you consider everyday. Mostly standard sizes, but there are also some Plus Size models.


4. LANGSHA Branding Store


It’s a great underwear store with a great assortment of pants "week". You can also find many beautiful and high-quality bras.




Relatively new brand founded in 2016. The main item is bra. There are not so many items but they are selected carefully. The sizes are up to 85B. Good quality. Outstanding variety of colors. Here you will find the bra in your favorite color for sure. Thus the price for Aliexpress is quite high.


2. Fenland Clothes Store


I have collected all the best models of everyday cotton underwear, which is on the peak of its popularity now. Cotton underwear is both: safe and looks very stylish in a modern design.


1. Varsbaby


Its design is quite similar to CYHWR. Probably both brands belong to one seller. The presented underwear is incredibly beautiful and sexy. If you wish to please your man, I recommend you to search in this shop. I'm sure you find something that fits you. They have more than 700 items to offer.


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