Best 10 budget smartphones at Aliexpress 2020

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Many people want to get high quality and cheap smartphone on AliExpress. There are a lot of models. It is necessary to read many reviews to choose the best model and to decrease risks. We solved to help you in your searching for your smartphone here. You will get TOP-10 phones on AliExpress. All of them have a high quality and the price is lower, than here. Let’s divide the goods into the 4 categories: below $60 USD, below $100, below $150, below $200 and below $300. Other models are not cheap in fact, that’s why they are not in the list.

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Category Below $60

Cubot J8


The model is perfect for kids. They can play with it easily. The price is 55 USD only and there is no worry if the phone is broken while playing. In spite of a fact of low price, YouTube and games are able use on the smartphone. Sound is rather loud. Camera is equal to the price and there is no need to demand something extraordinary. If you are short of money, you may purchase the smartphone for yourself. But even Instagram will work incorrect after watching through several photos. That is so due to 1 Gb of RAM memory. It is the best model on AliExpress for the amount.


Category Below $100

Cubot Note 20


The body of the smartphone is easily soiled. It is better to take a normal case immediately. The model is equipped with an HD+ screen with a fairly correct color rendering. There are two cameras, but in fact only one of them works normally. The photo quality is quite good. But the video is rather poor. There is no camera stabilization. The microphone recs sound very poorly.

The sound of the main speaker system is quieter than the average. It is quite normal already if you use headphones. The fingerprint scanner is slowing down. You can check social networks, chat, watch videos and play. That is enough for a child or an elderly parent.


Xiaomi Redmi 9A


That is the most budget phone from the Redmi company at the moment. According to the annual tradition, the screen size is again larger than the previous model 8A — 6.53 "vs. 6.2".

The fingerprint scanner wasn't used in this model. This is not surprise, the model is still cheap. Some people may be pleased that there is a slot Jack 3.5 for headphones. The battery is 5,000 mAh as in the previous model, which means that the charge will last for a long time. The manufacturer uses IPS screen, viewing angles are not very wide, but it is not worth putting it in the "disadvantages" for such money. Photo is rather good when it’s light, but it is better not to take photos at night.

Who can purchase the mobile phone? The model is created for people with low demands or children. It doesn't exactly look like a modern youth phone. But the model is in the TOP list of the smartphones below 100 USD.


Realme C11


The first important thing is a nice design and a comfortable rear grooved back surface. It doesn't slip in your hand. Manufacturer proposes IPS screen with HD+. But it is equipped with 2GB of RAM only. You will not be able to use it simultaneously with several powerful applications. This phone is suitable only for those who used something even more ancient, and now solved to understand what a smartphone is. It is better to use for elderly parents and grandparents. Moreover, the speaker system sounds normal. You can watch something on YouTube.

Camera lets to get high quality images if there is enough light. All the disadvantages are compensated by a 5000 mAh battery. It is really great power. The same YouTube with one charge can be watched for 18-20 hours.


Category below 150$

Such devices can be offered for both: children and parents, but they should be ready to reduce their demands. These phones are able to cope with everyday tasks normally.

realme C21


The smartphone is equipped with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of permanent memory. This means that it will be enough for standard daily tasks. The 5000 mAh battery suggests that the charge will hold as well as on many well-known models from Xiaomi. The screen is only HD+, but it is enough for the price.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 9


There are different memory characteristics for this model, both 3/64 and 4/128, but the latter is already higher than $ 150. The screen size is 6.53". Not everyone likes so huge smartphones, but there's no getting away from it. The maximum brightness in the sun is not enough. Everything is visible, but it is a little dim. It is not necessary to consider this device for games on high parameters.

The speaker volume is enough for comfortable video viewing. The camera is not perfect: it gives good photos if there is enough light, but you should install Google camera for making photos when it’s dark. The battery gives 18 hours of video viewing.




Its first advantage is a high quality stereo system. It will be difficult to find a device with such sound quality for the price. The screen is FULL HD+, but the color reproduction and brightness is not very high.

This device is not for playing games. NFC is absent and it is disadvantage too. The camera is not perfect and works like most of its competitors in this price segment. Despite the fact that the battery has 6000 mAh, the smartphone demands a lot of power. It will be working for 14-15 hours in video mode, which is worse than the models above. This gadget is good if to purchase it before $ 150. If you find it more expensive, then there is no reason to buy it.


Category Below $200

Redmi Note 10


Only the 4/64 model into this price category. This is the most budgetary smart from Xiaomi with an Amoled screen. For someone, this can be an advantage. There is also a triple tray for two SIM cards and a memory card and a stereo speaker is installed. The disadvantages are that there is no notification indicator and NFC.

The processor this time returned from Qualcomm - Snapdragon 678. In everyday use freezes are not observed at all. Many popular games can be played at medium settings without freezes.

The camera is well worth the money. Compared to more budget models the difference is visible even during daytime shooting. The detail is much better. Stabilization during video is only available in 1080p, 30fps. For most users, this is more than enough.


POCO M3 Pro 5G


Compared to the POCO M3, they decided to pump the screen up to 90 Hz. The processor was changed to Dimensity 700 from Mediatek and this is not a bit bad. There is practically no throttling and the device is almost not heated. But do not forget that this is not a gaming machine, although with low settings you can run any games. Improved operation in the operating system is also noticeable. Much less stuttering and smoother animation.

The speaker, unfortunately, is not stereo and the sound is very modest, but not all that bad. For someone the presence of NFC may be a plus and the lack of a notification indicator is a minus. The camera is far from ideal - the standard budget option, but it's worth noting that the quality is better than that of the younger model M3. In addition, video stabilization has appeared.


Category Below 300$

The category is ambiguous. Main differences are the features of camera and high speed. If you are not interested in it, you may don’t read the information.

realme 8 Pro


For this price, of course, the Amoled screen. The fingerprint scanner was installed under it. Despite this it works great.

The camera is declared at 108 mpx. And in the afternoon the detailing is really not bad. Of course it is worse at night but the results are very decent.

An obvious disadvantage is the lack of stereo sound. For this money many competitors offer more interesting options. The battery is installed at 4500 mA/h and the autonomy of the device is good. In addition to the battery, it feels like a good optimization of energy consumption. There is a fast charging function. Snapdragon 720G processor.


Redmi Note 10S


It is a real bestseller on Ali in this price range. A very big and significant plus of this model is the elimination of AMOLED screen flickering. At the minimum values ​​of brightness it is practically absent.

Helio G95 processor gives the heat. Xiaomi positions it as a gaming one, but let's not forget that this is the middle price segment. In its segment, it really pulls games on more vigorously than many competitors. On the Ultra graphics settings you will not play normally, but on the high ones you are welcome.

Fans of contactless payments can rejoice. There is a version with NFC. Just be careful when buying that you take this particular version.




The regular POCO X3 was just a bomb in its range. Xiaomi decided not to reinvent the wheel and released the same model, which was improved in some ways. Let's see which ones.

First of all, they upgraded the processor. The Pro model includes the Snapdragon 860, which has a significant impact on performance. We can say that nothing is more powerful for this money. Smooth graphics at maximum speed are provided for you.

Physically, the camera is simpler, but thanks to the updated software algorithms, the photos are slightly better than the simple model.

The battery is the same, there is also NFC, stereo speakers and all the other chips. By and large, a small camera upgrade and a more powerful processor are all improvements. For fans of mobile gaming will come in handy.


If your favorite smartphone is out of the list, you may write it in comments.

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