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Many people want to get high quality and cheap smartphone on AliExpress. There are a lot of models. It is necessary to read many reviews to choose the best model and to decrease risks. We solved to help you in your searching for your smartphone here. You will get TOP-10 phones on AliExpress. All of them have a high quality and the price is lower, than here. Let’s divide the goods into the 4 categories: below $60 USD, below $100, below $200 and below $300. Other models are not cheap in fact, that’s why they are not in the list.

If you are lack of the TOP list, you may look through the list of the best smartphone stores on AliExpress.

Category Below $60

Ulefon Note 7


The model is perfect for kids. They can play with it easily. The price is 55 USD only and there is no worry if the phone is broken while playing. In spite of a fact of low price, YouTube and games are able use on the smartphone. Sound is rather loud. Camera is equal to the price and there is no need to demand something extraordinary. If you are short of money, you may purchase the smartphone for yourself. But even Instagram will work incorrect after watching through several photos. That is so due to 1 Gb of RAM memory. It is the best model on AliExpress for the amount.


Category Below $100

Lenovo K5 Play


Display is rather good and camera is equal to the money. Sound is loud, but its quality is lower than high quality smartphones from the famous manufacturers have. The fingerprint scanner slows down and there is no the notification light. The model is perfect for social networks, videos and games. Kids and senior peoples would be glad.




According to different reviews, the model has a good camera, which is absolutely equal to the price. Here is triple camera and sensor from SONY company. Everything works correct. Design is great. The smartphone is possible unblock with your face identification and fingerprint. Face scanner is stable, but it needs enough light. Fingerprint scanner is also good. Sound is loud. There is Android 9.0 without any patches and repacks.

If you can’t purchase something more expansive, you may use the model. It can satisfy most of your demands.


Xiaomi Redmi 8A


The most budget phone from the “Redmi” line. Unlike previous “A” models, which were famous for their compact size, this version became the same as Redmi 8.

The fingerprint scanner is out. And this is not surprising, the model is still budget. But there is a face unlock that works through the front camera. Equipped with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB ROM, which is quite normal for such a device. Of course, when actively working with different applications, he works not fast, but this is not the price category where you can blame it.

Unfortunately, there is no video stabilization. Photos are good during the day, but when it is dark, you won’t get please while making photo. Large battery capacity is a good advantage. The smartphone doesn’t need charge often. If you are watching videos, you may do it about 14 hours!


Category Below $200

Xiaomi mi A3


Some fans were not glad of the model, but the smartphone is rather good in fact. Unfortunately, battery capacity is not enough for 6-inches display. It is better to do pixel density a bit more. Android system is original.

The model has face and fingerprint scanners to unblock it. Scanners are not perfect, but rather good. Face scanner is better to use, when there is enough light. Speaker system has a high quality. Camera is equal to the price, but there is no video stabilization. People, who like the original Android, will love the model.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T


There are a few disadvantages for its value. The most noticeable is the absence of the event indicator. The disadvantage is not crucial, but it is fundamental for some people.

Here is an IPS screen. That is a great advantage for those who do not risk to purchase AMOLED-technology due to shim. The colors are real. Smartphones can support games, but not everything on the maximum schedule. It would be necessary to reduce it somewhere. The manufacturer proposes Bluetooth of the 5th version in this model. It should affect the quality of communication with other gadgets, such as smart watches or wristbands.

The sound of the speakers is loud and high-quality. If you are going to use headphones, it will be standard. There are four cameras in the back, in reality there is no need to use it in the most cases. 48 MPCs lets to get rather heavy photos. While using standard app, it takes photos so-so. If you put a Google camera, the quality is noticeably improved. There is 4K, but the video player only works in Full HD mode. The battery on 4000 mAh. It would be enough for a couple of days of average use.


Meizu 16


The smartphone has the best display protection system. Fingerprint scanner is hidden into the display, it works stably and rather fast. Screen is bit lower than it has other 6-inches models. Powerful processor and 6 Gb of RAM memory make the smartphone really fast, while playing games, watching films or using some apps. Speaker system is good. GPS is stable. Camera makes good photos even with lack of light. The noise of the picture is minimal. Unfortunately, battery is the weak point of the smartphone. You will charge it every day


Category Below $300

The category is ambiguous. Main differences are the features of camera and high speed. If you are not interested in it, you may don’t read the information.

Meizu 16 th


That is the model of premium class and it has Snapdragon 845t. Although it isn’t the most recent, it is still very relevant. At the time of release, it was the main flagship of Meizu and it cost more than 400 dollars. Now its price has fallen below $ 300. And this is very good.

The main disadvantage is that you can't add a flash card here. So, when you choose the size of the built-in memory, keep this in mind. The camera is from Sony and it shoots very well. Noise reduction is done very well and does not soap the details for night photography. There is software stabilization for video shooting. Sure, that is not the best. Picture sometimes sticks while doing panoramic shoots. The sound is not perfect, but good. But it is great in headphones and the smartphone is also equipped with two stereo speakers.

Meizu doesn't update its devices often. This phone is equipped with Android 8 version and is unlikely to get a more recent one. The battery has a 3,000 mAh. If you are used to Ksyaomyavskiy battery it needs to be charged every 2 days, but here you will charge the battery more often.

Despite its disadvantages, Meizu 16 th works very stably and its characteristics still allow it to be on the Top. We leave all the pros and cons to your discretion.


Xiaomi mi 9T


That is the best value for money if you are going to use the smartphone to play games. It is heated not strongly and there is almost no trolling. Speaker system is powerful. Proximity sensor is better than other Xiaomi models have.

AMOLED screen is the difference to cheap smartphones. Front camera can outdoor. The phones is possible to unblock with face and fingerprint scanner. But it is rather long to wait for the camera to identify the person. Fingerprint unblocking is better. Scanner is good and works fast.

Battery capacity is great. You can watch videos during 11 – 12 hours. We recommend you to purchase the smartphone, if you want to get high quality premium model. In other cases you may choose something below 200 USD.


Honor 10


The smartphone has a great camera features. It is equal to iPhone 8 or even IPhone 10. That is more than equal to the price because screens are perfect in spite of the light. The model is fast, sound is good and battery capacity is normal. But you may play games on high options without problems. If you really need a good camera, that is the best smartphone in the category.


If your favorite smartphone is out of the list, you may write it in comments.

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