Best 10 budget smartphones at Aliexpress 2022

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Many people want to get high quality and cheap smartphone on AliExpress. There are a lot of models. It is necessary to read many reviews to choose the best model and to decrease risks. We solved to help you in your searching for your smartphone here. You will get TOP-10 phones on AliExpress. All of them have a high quality and the price is lower, than here. Let’s divide the goods into the 4 categories: below $60 USD, below $125, below $180, below $230 and below $300. Other models are not cheap in fact, that’s why they are not in the list.

If you are lack of the TOP list, you may look through the list of the best smartphone stores on AliExpress.

Category Below $60

Cubot J10


The model is perfect for kids. They can play with it easily. The price is 50-65 USD only and there is no worry if the phone is broken while playing. In spite of a fact of low price, YouTube and games are able use on the smartphone. Sound is rather loud. Camera is equal to the price and there is no need to demand something extraordinary. If you are short of money, you may purchase the smartphone for yourself. But even Instagram will work incorrect after watching through several photos. That is so due to 1 Gb of RAM memory. It is the best model on AliExpress for the amount.


Category Below $125

Cubot MAX 3


The first thing it stands out with is a large 6.95'' screen and a 48 megapixel camera. During the day, you can get normal photos, but with a lack of starlight, it does not catch at all.

Equipped with a 60Hz HD+ screen that only supports 5 touches. Oddly enough, you can remove the back cover and get the battery. Now this is a rarity. Inside it fits two sims and one micro sd card. 5000 mAh battery. Memory capacity 4/64 GB.

There is a fingerprint scanner under the unlock button, but it does not work quickly - up to 0.5 - 1 sec. Equipped with Helio i22 processor. To put it simply, you can play modern games, but only at minimum wages. Check social. networks, chat, watch videos. A child or an elderly parent is enough for the eyes.


Xiaomi Redmi 9C


The most budget device from the Redmi line at the moment.

Some may be pleased that there is a Jack 3.5 headphone jack. Also, as in the previous model, the battery is 5,000 mAh, which means that the charge will last for a long time. The screen is IPS, the viewing angles are not very good, but it’s not worth putting it in the “minus” for that kind of money. Takes good photos during the day. It is better not to take pictures at night.

Who can buy it? Definitely not demanding parents or children. It definitely does not pull on a modern youth phone. But for the title of the best up to $125 can bravely fight.


realme C21Y


Perhaps the best combination of price and quality in this range. It is worth considering version 4/64, not 3/32. Over time, you will realize that 3 GB of RAM will not be enough for convenient use.

For this money, you get a fairly powerful device with which you can comfortably use the Internet, watch videos and play any toys, even if not at high settings.

There is a fingerprint scanner on the back, a 5000 mAh battery, an NFC module, a fairly loud speaker and a regular camera that takes good pictures during the day and mediocre at night. Phone audience: undemanding parents, children and economical students.


Category below 180$

Such devices can be offered for both: children and parents, but they should be ready to reduce their demands. These phones are able to cope with everyday tasks normally.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11


Of the first pluses, one can single out the presence of stereo speakers and a full-fledged slot for two SIM cards and one memory card. The speaker quality is not bad. There are no overstated tops and the sound itself is quite voluminous. It also features an AMOLDED screen with 90Hz support.

The fingerprint scanner is located in the side button. It usually works quickly, but it happens that it lingers up to 0.5 seconds.

Despite the number of cameras and the declared 50 megapixels, the photo quality is average. During the day, you can still get normal pictures, although the dynamic range is not so hot, but at night it’s solid soap.

But with autonomy, he is all right. A 5000 mAh battery allows you to watch videos up to 19 hours and play at least 7. Fast charging in half an hour charges up to 60%.


realme 9i


First of all, it is distinguished by its design. Despite the matte case, the back is painted in a beautiful iridescent gradient. Looks very impressive. Also, many will be glad that there is still a headphone jack.

The screen is FHD+ at 90Hz, but the display itself is IPS. Even so, the display is still good and the brightness is quite sufficient. The scanner is built into the side button and works very quickly. Misfires were not observed.

Thanks to the processor Spapdragon 680 pulls any modern game. Almost everything is on high settings. The camera is claimed to be 50 megapixels. It has three lenses, but, like everywhere else, there is, in fact, only one. The quality of pictures during the day, as always, is good. For night shooting there is a night mode. It brightens the photo not badly, but at the same time a lot of noise comes out. One plus is that no details are lost.

Happy with the sound quality. There are two stereo speakers that deliver good volume and volume.




Compared to POCO M3, we decided to pump the screen up to 90 Hz. The processor was changed to Dimensity 700 from Mediatek and this is not a bit bad. Trotting is practically not observed and the smart is almost not heated. But we must not forget that this is not a gaming device, although with low settings you can run any game. Improved work in the operating system is also noticeable. Much less stutter and smoother animation.

The speaker, unfortunately, is not stereo and the sound is very modest, but not everything is so bad. For some, the presence of NFC may be a plus and a minus is the lack of a notification indicator. The camera is far from ideal - a standard budget option, but it is worth noting that the quality is better than that of the younger M3 model. In addition, there was stabilization in video shooting.


Category Below $230

POCO M4 Pro 5G


Let's go through the details briefly. The body immediately falls into the minuses. Very slippery, a cover is a must. Also the tray is combined. Either two SIM cards, or one and plus a memory card. Despite the stereo speakers, the sound quality does not pull at this price. It's very strange that this happened.

The IPS screen and the margin of brightness are very modest, another thing that is not clear. In defense, we can say that there are 90 Hz, good viewing angles and quite rich colors. The Dimensity 810 processor is clearly non-gaming. But on average it will pull any game. During video recording, the sound noise reduction works so hard that it cuts half of all frequencies. There is also no event indicator.

The plus side is the fingerprint scanner. It is built into the button on the side and works like lightning. Right instantly. There is also an audio jack. Music lovers will be pleased. There is also NFC. The 5000 mAh battery holds a charge quite well. Enough hours for 15 videos and 6-7 games.


Redmi Note 10S


It is a real sales bomb on Ali in this price range. A very big and significant plus of this model is the elimination of flickering of the AMOLED screen. At the minimum brightness values, it is practically absent.

Processor Helio G95 gives heat. Xiaomi positions it as a gaming one, but let's not forget that this is the middle segment. In its segment, it really drags toys more cheerfully than many competitors. On Ultra graphics settings you will not play normally, but on high ones you are welcome.

Fans of contactless payments can rejoice. There is a version with NFC. Just be careful when buying that you take this particular version.


Category Below 300$

The category is ambiguous. Main differences are the features of camera and high speed. If you are not interested in it, you may don’t read the information.



For this price, of course, Amoled screen. The fingerprint scanner was installed under it. Despite this, it works instantly.

The camera is claimed to be 108 megapixels. And in the daytime, the detailing is really not bad. At night, of course, worse, but the results are very worthy.

A clear disadvantage is the lack of stereo sound. For this money, many competitors offer more interesting options. The battery is set to 4500 mAh and everything is in order with the autonomy of the device. In addition to the battery, it is felt that a good optimization of energy consumption has been carried out. There is a fast charging function. Snapdragon 720G processor.


Realme GT Master Edition


As befits this price, there is a cool Amoled display with support for 120 Hz. Also on board is the fresh Snapdragon 778G, which delivers sky-high results, with a complete absence of throttling. For example, you can safely play Genshin at high settings. In addition, there is NFC, Wifi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 and a high-quality under-screen fingerprint scanner. Simply put, the manufacturer did not stint in the configuration.

So that buyers do not relax, there are still small disadvantages: there is only one speaker. Stereo is not. Although he is alone, he does just fine. There are three cameras: the main one is 64 megapixels. But photo opportunities are definitely not the strong point of this phone. During the day as during the day, and at night the soap is full.

The 4300 mAh battery gives the result exactly for its capacity. Enough for about 5 hours of games or 14-15 hours of video.


Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite


First of all, it is distinguished by its thickness and weight: thin and light. Only 156 grams. It also stands out from its competitors by the quality of its camera: the main one is 64 megapixels, but that's not the point. Both during the day and at night, the camera produces the best picture in terms of the ratio of details and noise compared to other phones from this collection. Still happy with the battery. Despite 4250 mAh in video mode, you can watch up to 16-17 hours. Fast charging allows you to fully charge your phone in 1 hour.

Of the minuses, you can highlight the branded back cover. Yes, it is beautiful, mirrored, but it always leaves prints. There is also no headphone jack, although this is not for everyone. The proximity sensor has the same disease as the Redmi line, it does not always work when you put the phone to your ear.


If your favorite smartphone is out of the list, you may write it in comments.

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