Best 10 budget smartphones at Aliexpress 2020

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Updated 12.08.2020

Many people want to get high quality and cheap smartphone on AliExpress. There are a lot of models. It is necessary to read many reviews to choose the best model and to decrease risks. We solved to help you in your searching for your smartphone here. You will get TOP-10 phones on AliExpress. All of them have a high quality and the price is lower, than here. Let’s divide the goods into the 4 categories: below $60 USD, below $100, below $150, below $200 and below $300. Other models are not cheap in fact, that’s why they are not in the list.

If you are lack of the TOP list, you may look through the list of the best smartphone stores on AliExpress.

Category Below $60

Meizu C9


The model is perfect for kids. They can play with it easily. The price is 55 USD only and there is no worry if the phone is broken while playing. In spite of a fact of low price, YouTube and games are able use on the smartphone. Sound is rather loud. Camera is equal to the price and there is no need to demand something extraordinary. If you are short of money, you may purchase the smartphone for yourself. But even Instagram will work incorrect after watching through several photos. That is so due to 1 Gb of RAM memory. It is the best model on AliExpress for the amount.


Category Below $100

Cubot X19


The body of the smartphone is easily soiled. It is better to take a normal case immediately. The model is equipped with an HD+ screen with a fairly correct color rendering. There are two cameras, but in fact only one of them works normally. The photo quality is quite good. But the video is rather poor. There is no camera stabilization. The microphone recs sound very poorly.

The sound of the main speaker system is quieter than the average. It is quite normal already if you use headphones. The fingerprint scanner is slowing down. You can check social networks, chat, watch videos and play. That is enough for a child or an elderly parent.


Xiaomi Redmi 9A


That is the most budget phone from the Redmi company at the moment. According to the annual tradition, the screen size is again larger than the previous model 8A — 6.53 "vs. 6.2".

The fingerprint scanner wasn't used in this model. This is not surprise, the model is still cheap. Some people may be pleased that there is a slot Jack 3.5 for headphones. The battery is 5,000 mAh as in the previous model, which means that the charge will last for a long time. The manufacturer uses IPS screen, viewing angles are not very wide, but it is not worth putting it in the "disadvantages" for such money. Photo is rather good when it’s light, but it is better not to take photos at night.

Who can purchase the mobile phone? The model is created for people with low demands or children. It doesn't exactly look like a modern youth phone. But the model is in the TOP list of the smartphones below 100 USD.


Lenovo K5 Pro


Yes, that is the phone from a year and a half ago. However, now it is a hit on Aliexpress in this price category. It can propose 4Gb/64GB, Snapdragon 636, 4050 mAh, loud stereo speaker and quite a good camera. And the price is less than $ 100. But once it was put in line with the legendary Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, which is still quite an actual model.

If you are not confused by the production of the end of 2018, then this is the best at the moment for this money. This phone is even better than some modern models of the next category up to 150 USD.


Category Below $150

Such devices can be offered for both: children and parents, but they should be ready to reduce their demands. These phones are able to cope with everyday tasks normally.

realme С3


There is NFC. This is rare for this segment. The battery is also great, it includes over5000 mAh. It can live for 18-20 hours While watching videos. The Helio G70 processor in games is not inferior to Snapdragon, so in this regard, you cannot worry.

Photo opportunities are good. It takes off normally in daylight. The image is noisy and blurred at night. But this can be improved while putting A Google camera. There is no protection from scratches on the screen, so it is better to purchase glass protection immediately. Wi-Fi 5 GHz is not available. Bluetooth version is 4.

The phone came out as a comprisable model. There are disadvantages, but do not forget about its price.


Xiaomi Redmi 9


It is worth to purchase it in this configuration – 4GB/64GB. Keep in mind that the younger version costs almost the same amount.

The entire Redmi 9 line is equipped with Helio processors. This particular model is the Helio G80. According to the tests, this processor behaves in games and everyday tasks no worse than Snapdragon, that’s why you can keep calm in this case about the model of processor.

NFC has finally appeared. Its FHD + display has the correct color transfer. The speaker system is good and loud. The camera works well both day and night, according to its budget, of course. If you are the owner of version 8, then it is definitely worth switching. The model is really better. It's been a long time since there has been such technological development in a single generation of Redmi.


Category Below $200

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T


There are a few cons for this money. The most noticeable is the absence of an event indicator. The disadvantage is not global, but it may be fundamental for some people.

The smartphone is equipped with an IPS screen. It can be one more advantage for those who do not risk buying AMOLED because of the shim. The display quality is good. The colors are correct. Smart games will pull everything, but not everything on the maximum options. You’ll have to cut it somewhere. There is a Bluetooth version 5. This should affect the quality of tie with wearable electronics, such as smart watches or wristbands.

The sound of the speaker system is loud and it has a high-quality. If you use headphones, you can get normal sound too. Four cameras in the back, as well as 48 MPX is the marketing strategy only. It takes photos of poor quality with the standard app. If you put a Google camera, the quality will noticeably improved. There is 4K, but the video stabilization system works in Full HD mode only. Here is 4000 mAh battery. That is enough for a couple of days of average use.


Meizu 16


Despite the fact that the model is not the latest, the smartphone still sells well and has good characteristics. Here is a powerful processor and 6 GB of RAM can give you high speed of work in apps and in modern games.

The speaker system sounds good.  Here is clear and loud sound. GPS clings instantly. The photo camera is excellent, and not only in sunlight. The quality of photo is rather high even in the evening. Electronic video stabilization is available, but it is poor. Battery is not a powerful in the model. It will last for a maximum of a day with active use. This is compensated by the presence of fast charging. Full charge takes about 80 minutes only.


Redmi Note 8 Pro


Just two Xiaomi are in this price category. They are both difficult to ignore and difficult to single out. The 8 Pro is slightly better than the 8T in everything, but also it is more expensive. So, if there is no goal to take as cheap as possible, it is definitely worth taking Pro model.

The fingerprint scanner is better. None of the above models is even close to this. The smartphone is powerful. There are Helio g90t processor and 6Gb of RAM, which allow you to play absolutely any game. The speaker system is loud enough. The sound is pleasant. NFC is here too. The camera has a good quality and you can get almost perfect picture in any time. The video has a good electronic stabilization system. The microphone recs sound well. The 5,000 mAh battery allows you to watch videos for 14-15 hours without recharging.


Категория до 300$

The category is ambiguous. Main differences are the features of camera and high speed. If you are not interested in it, you may don’t read the information.

realme 6 pro


The first and the greatest disadvantage is the body of the smartphone. It doesn't feel like a premium when you hold it in your hands. But it will not be a decisive factor for everyone.

The fingerprint scanner is built into the side button and it works very quickly. The screen is not AMOLED, but it has good scratch protection and support for 90 Hz. There are 8GB RAM and Snapdragon 720G, which allow you to play games comfortably.

The main camera is 64 MPx. So, let’s describe it in details, because all the others lenses: macro, tele and fish eye are no good. You can get high quality pictures both day and night. It is better than phones in the previous range. It works out just for its cost. Stabilization of the video occur. The sound of the microphone is unfortunately poor. The battery has low capacity. It is only 4,300 mAh, but it does not bad in reality. The charge lasts for about 14-15 hours while watching video.


Redmi Note 9 Pro


The smartphone has high-quality and fast scanner on the side button. There is NFC too. The main camera is 64 MPX. The secondary camera has a poor quality. You can get excellent photos even in the evening. There are 6GB RAM and Snapdragon 720G for playing any games. Battery is 5020 mAh, that’s why you can watch videos during 19 hours.


If your favorite smartphone is out of the list, you may write it in comments.

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