18 July 2020
I noticed that more and more people are actively use the online store Joom. Among my friends, many of them prefer it instead of Aliexpress...
27 September 2019
Few years ago Aliexpress presented an update in the form of special coins. And still many have no clear understanding of what it is and why do they need. In this post I’ll try to carefully reveal this issue.
14 April 2019
One of the most frequent problems rose before rookies is “How can I register on Aliexpress”. To begin we need to type www.aliexpress.com at the search bar. After that we will see the site main page...
12 March 2019
In the following article I'm going to discuss how to change or add one another delivery address as well as how to choose it correctly during the purchase process. Let's consider the case. You move to another city for summer but want to continue purchasing on Ali. How can you make your package to reach this new destination? One should simply change the shipping address on Aliexpress.
17 February 2019
Hello-hello my dear followers. This time I'm going to tell you how to make banking card operations on Aliexpress. For sure the ways of payment are well-known for everybody. However the process of adding or removing a card can create troubles even for most storied shopaholics.
11 January 2019
In the previous post we enlisted what are coupons and where to get them. Today we look through the ways of applying few coupons on Aliexpress and their “best combinations” allowed saving as much money as possible.
27 December 2018
Today I start topics about coupons and discounts on Aliexpress. I'll divide them into several parts. First, let's analyze which coupons exist, where they can be found and the ways of using them.