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Decorating my house for the Christmas, I faced with the fact that I can’t find the right decor for the holiday in our town. There are no ready-made options or materials for creating it. Many things in our "hand made" stores are absent. Unfortunately, I never realized all my desires in reality due to the fact. By next year, I will prepare better and will purchase everything necessary on AliExpress in advance.

This gave me the idea to create a small list of stores for those who are interested in needlework. Perhaps here you will find everything you need for your hobby. This is not a TOP. Sellers are placed in random order. Each of them is good in its own way and every shop has a good rating and reviews.

Lucia Craft


That is a bit more than a common store. They are also manufacturers. This company has more than 10 years of successful sales in China and out the State. Their products have high quality and you can find them in different countries, including the CIS. The assortment is wide. Here you can find details for scrapbooking, sewing, floral elements, and even something to create jewelry. In addition to materials, you can buy tools for hand made. The seller has more than 2500 items of goods.

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Meian Official Store


That is a brand store, which occupies a special niche on AliExpress. The company sells ready-made kits for cross-stitching, drawing by numbers and diamond embroidery. Recently, these three activities become very popular. So, the seller is one of the best on AliExpress. There are a lot of deals and rating is high.

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QJH Official Store


This is one of the best stores with goods for needlework on Aliexpress. It has been working for more than 6 years, and it manages to maintain a good rating. Here you will find many goods for hand made in various directions. Do you like to produce bags? Then here you can buy high-quality patterns. Knitting? There is a huge assortment of good yarn. There are also specialized tools.

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Looen Official Store


The shop is focused on goods for crocheting. Although you can also find things from other industries. There are more than 500 goods: from hooks and confidants to the yarn itself. There are ready sets for needlework for beginners. Special organizers can be purchased as related products.

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LinYan Store


The shop proposes good assortment. You can find more than 480 items. There is even a natural thick yarn, which is very popular now. Tools for work can also be purchased here. If you like to create dolls or blankets, the store offers you several sets of patchwork fabric.

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Touching Fabric


The shop sells goods, which are made of 100% cotton fabric flaps.  There is a great assortment of prints for sewing toys and baby bumpers on the crib. I fell in love with this beauty. By the way, you can purchase fabric per meter, for example for sheets or duvet covers.

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LMDZ Official Store


There is no general line, the seller proposes a little of everything, mainly tools: scissors, awl, crochet hooks, buttons and wool for felting. But this is a small list of what you can purchase. The store is trustful and sells only high-quality products. That’s why here is a lot of deals.

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Nuomi Handcraft


That is another popular store that sells all sorts of little things for decorating clothes and other crafts. Among the little things there is a huge assortment of sequins of all shapes and colors. You can also purchase Czech glass beads at a bargain price. If you need beautiful rainbow feathers, you can buy it here.

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Cicely Base


Do you like to create jewelry? I offer you the store with a huge assortment of little thing. Chains, lobsters, connecting rings and beads, all this and much more can be purchased here.

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Romantic Homeware Handmade Mold


This seller is suitable for those who are engaged in soap making or like to create beautiful and unusual candles. There are a lot of cool mods for different themes for sale here. You can also find natural granulated soap and wax.

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