How to use Aliexpress coupons and how to apply few of them for one order

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In the previous post we enlisted what are coupons and where to get them. Today we look through the ways of applying few coupons on Aliexpress and their “best combinations” allowed saving as much money as possible.

We'll try it on a real-life example. I'm going to find a store in which we'll be able to apply all the coupons listed below.

Coupon usage sequence

  • 1. Sellers' discount
  • 2. Store coupon
  • 3. Special coupon
  • 4. Aliexpress coupon

See what coupons you have:

We'll take the ShaGen Store store as an example. It's a great choice for me to demonstrate the whole process.

1. Sellers' discount

In our store this discount is available and it's applied per se. While making a purchase up to $120 this discount will decrease total sum on $4.

Whether one seller had a discount could be found on its webpage at “Sale items” section.”

Магазин Sisjuly

2. Store coupon

In combination with this discount one may save even more money. Next we shall choose the most advantageous. Then we do the same in the “Sale items” section.

Купоны на алиэкспресс

As I've decided to purchase up to $120, the most advantageous coupon for me was for $5 from $120 so I take it.

3. Special coupon

Second-to-last opportunity of making savings is to apply special-coupon. Let's look at its «Sale items” section and see if this particular store does accept it.

Магазин принимает спец купоны

As we see, it does. In the previous post I've already written where to get these coupons and how to find out that one has them.

In our case it's possible to apply special coupon while purchasing from $65. By using it you'll get additional $6. In some shops it's possible to simultaneously apply two or three special_coupons.

Apply our coupons

Having collected all the possible discounts we now can choose the items approximately for $125 to be able to use all the gathered discounts including the sellers' coupon which in our case can be applied only for the sum of $120 or higher.

1. Sellers' discount

We may notice impact of particular sellers' discount even when we add the item into the cart.

The chosen item costs $126.45. However thanks to the discount we will have price $122.45.

Покупки в корзине на алиэкспресс

2. Store coupon

It can be applied only after the sellers' discount. This coupon cannot be used if after the application of sellers' discount it's less than $120 to pay.

In case you have more than one coupon in a single store, then you can by yourself choose which of them to apply to your order. Usually the most advantageous one is applied automatically.

Возможность использовать спец купон при покупке

After the sellers' discount and coupon had been used the price decreased from $124.15 to $119.15.

3. Special_coupon

Located at the very bottom, so we need to scroll the page down.


Thanks to the special coupon we've diminished the price by $6 more. As a result we'll pay $113.15 instead of $119.15.

So we have at least $6 discount. That's quite good! At the same time if we also had the advantageous Aliexpress-coupon we could apply as well. But even without it we had a great result, haven't we.

Saving money via App

By purchasing all these in the app the price could be reduced even more. However you must remember that your discount starts from a certain sum. As some prices are lower in the app, some particular discounts may not work. In our example the order has almost ideally fallen under all the circumstances. So in case I make the purchase through the app, I will be able to save almost one another $3.

Купоны в мобильном приложении алиэкспресс

This time I haven't applied any coupon. It happened only because in the app the prices were lower by 20-30 cetns.

That's how you can apply few coupons for one purchase on Aliexpress. If you have any question left, don't hesitate to ask them in the comments. Meanwhile I share some other useful pieces of information.

General data

You can have items from different sellers in your cart. Each of them can provide you with the possibility to apply the discount or the coupon of the store.

The particular special-coupon can be applied in the particular store in accordance with the minimal order price conditions. Therefore you are not allowed to use one special coupon to make purchase in two different stores.

If you place an order with two different sellers, and both of them accept special coupons, then they will apply to each of them. As it is on the screen there were two orders – $99.97 and $117,45. All sellers accept the special_coupons for $6 per $65 per purchase. It has been resulted in 12$ saved.


Sometimes one may also receive the Ali discount but it's indeed a very rare event and I have never seen it before. However Aliexpress asserts that they have them.

It's possible also to negotiate the price with seller himself. Formulate your request correctly and perhaps he will agree. But be careful. In this case there is always the possibility of misunderstanding from the sellers or the Ali administration and it could be resulted in a long term ban.

Thanks for your attention. Yours MilkShake.


Here you can see all the free coupons that are now available on Aliexpress:

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