There are a lot of risks while purchasing expensive outerwear on AliExpress. But everyone can decrease the rate of risk. TOP shops care about the reputation, that’ why here you may find the high quality goods. Coats and jackets look like on the photo in 99%.

What is in focus

  • Don’t make a deal suddenly. It is better to write seller to discuss some goods you are interested in. Most of stores are ready to give you real photos. So, don’t hesitate to ask.
  • It’s important to check size in centimeters to avoid problems. The rule is checked by me several times.
  • Try to understand, which models are better for your shape, because some of them can make you look ridiculous.

I propose you TOP trustful shops, where you may find a lot of high quality models of outerwear. Hope, you will find the coat of jacket of your dream. If you study my list, you will find the sellers with 3 000 deals or more and the average rate 98%. The factors are really important, while purchasing so expensive goods.

Recently AliExpress launched the system, when users can see the volume of deals for 6 months. But the mobile apps lets to see the total volume only. So, let’s check the most trustful shops of outerwear.

10. Bosideng


People believe that the low price equal to low quality. Perhaps, that is true, but most clients of the shop couldn’t agree with the statement. The company focuses on youth. There are a lot of coats and jackets of any color for men and women.

Store link



The seller focuses on natural furs. You can find goods of any color, size and type. There are cheap jackets from rabbit’s fur and expensive coats from fur of fox and raccoon. The shop has a lot of deals for two years. Most clients were glad.

Store link



This is the fashion shop. All the models are bright and beautiful. Manufacturer uses many furs, applications and accessories. The goods are perfect for young girls. The max size is XXL. Every client could find the necessary color of outerwear.

Store link

7. Сhu mark Official Store


There are a lot of outerwear for youth. You can find the casual and sport style of jackets and coats. According to reviews, all the goods are high qualitied. But the price is rather low. So, the rate and volume of deals made the shop popular and trustful.

Store link

6. Snow Classic official store


This shop was launched two years ago and not it has a lot of followers. Unfortunately, the company is not so successful as others, according to the deals volume. But the rate of the seller is really high. You can find the traditional and modern styles of coats and jackets. Today there are more than 80 models, including big sizes.

Store link

5. WINTER PALACE Official Store


The shop is based on luxury fur products. In spite of high prices, there are a lot of deals. But the most of selling are the accessories, like hats, gloves and so on. Coats also sells, but the volume is less. It is easy to find goods of high quality made of furs of Arctic Fox and burrow.

Store link

4. JAZZEVAR official store


Here you can find a lot of models of outerwear of any size, model and color. The company was launched in 2014. It is well-knows shop with a lot of clients and positive reviews. The quality is high and the service is great. Most clients were glad.

Store link

3. ICEbear Official Store


The main difference of the shop is the wide range of outerwear for men. Winter coats are really popular here. The shop is trustful and is working for several years on AliExpress. Good services and high quality made the company popular. Everyone could find something of any size and color.

Store link



That is one of the first shops of outerwear on AliExpress. It is working from 2011. In spite of the trade volume, rating is really high. The company focuses on leather jackets for men and women. Great advantage is the numerous of different models. SO, you can find something for you here!

Store link

1. Miegofce official store


Here you can find rather interesting models. The shop focuses on adult people, but youth also could find something. I like the color scheme of the model rangeю

Store link

In addition I would like to refresh in your mind the following:

  • write sellers and ask them the real photos of goods;
  • use the size table to choose the necessary size;
  • identify the best models for you, according to your shape.

Hope, the article was useful for you. Please, share it in social nets. Also I advise you to look through the TOP-stores of women clothing on AliExpress.

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