Casual clothing: how to combine + Aliexpress item list

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Today I suggest to discuss casual style. In the following post I will tell you what the casual style is and how to combine it with others. I will also provide you with the links to the items on Aliexpress that will be represented on photos. Those who'll see something interesting for themselves could easily make momentary purchase.

Translated from English the word “casual” means informal and refers to the particular dress code appeared in European fashion houses during the twentieth. The style entails clothes for daily wearing that would be comfortable and utility for its owner. It does not include neither formal nor traditional and classic elements. At the same time the style allows different combinations of randomly selected items.

Style features

The casual line clothes may include jeans and pullovers, simple shirts and trousers, comfortable T-shirts and blouses as well as ordinary dresses and skirts. There is no strict color schemes and combinations. The only requirement of this dress code is that your clothes must be high-qualified in making and fits you well. The style will look both practical and expressive. It has no frames or limits and will suit everyone. One will find easily that it helps to make his or her own image and emphasize their personality and identity.


In creating the image one may ignore ostentatious accuracy with its feature – strict and heavily-ironed clothes. The casual wear may not have classic suit elements and looks little bit sloppy. One of the distinctive elements of the casual style is a jacket. For casual office combinations one will take jacket with jeans not with classic pants or skirts. The man's set of a jacket and jeans looks more democratic while the lady in jacket and dress will look more elegant. In case there are such items in your dresser, be sure that you have lots of fancy combinations for long. As accessories one may apply different kerchiefs, scarfs, original head-bands and belts made of leather, textile or plastic.


Varieties of style



These sets mean casual items in combination with sport-style wear. As example sport T-shirt and jeans can be combined with high-heel shoes or otherwise one may add sneakers to ordinary pants and blouse. This image perfectly fits week-ends activity but not the training ground as not all the items are from the sport line.


item link


item link


item link


item link



This sub-division represents the tribute to a highly-popular street fashion style, which results from the instant review of the ordinary people manner of wearing, when they add some extraordinary detail to their daily image.


item link


item link


item link


item link

Smart casual


First of all it looks aristocratic. It brings accent of democracy in combine with classy in materials and tailoring. This is the image of modern business lady or the student-girl from the rich kids, who can allow themselves extra-spends for good clothes but prefer the common rules of casual style temperance.


item link


item link


item link

Business casual


Also known as informal business style. Some directors provide their workers with possibility to wear less formal and strict clothes in office on Friday. With that they can ignore dress code once a week. The sub-division however requires simple but quite elegance dressing.


item link


item link


item link

Making the conclusion I can say that casual style is practical, classy and individual. Don't be afraid to try something new. If you combine the items correctly, every day you will have fresh and nice image. 

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