Blue women handbag Usen at Aliexpress review

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I want you to introduce my new lovely handbag. I got it recently, but it has already become my favorite. I really like such nice things. This gentle color gives fresh images. The bag was bought from the Gume store, but the manufacturer is Usen.

Blue handbag and pink cotume


Handbag is inexpensive, so its quality will be equal to the price. For this cost, it is excellent. Since the bag has only recently been unpacked, it has lost its appearance a little. It will not be long before I bring it to normal. Therefore, in my photos, it looks a little different than in the photos of the seller. But I assure you that with time, when its shape is restored, it will be the same as in the photo. The main material resembles the leather, but in fact it is polyurethane. The color is very beautiful gray-blue, so tender that it resembles Marshmallow. In the description of the product it is written simply "Gray".

Blue handbag from Usen

Stitches are flat, neat, without any defects. On the bag there were no sticking threads. There was a characteristic smell of a new thing, but there was no poisonous smell. The handbag has small metal holders in the semicircles shape. It will not let your bag rub against abrasive surfaces, thus keeping its appearance in good condition. The accessories are not bad, but I think it is not durable. Especially, as for the main lock. By the way, it is slightly scratched. There is a possibility that the scratch appeared due to my sloppiness when I was taking the slick off the lock. Immediately it is not noticeable, but the camera transmits the slightest scratches, so I noticed this defect only when I was processing photos.

Bag lock

Flower on the bag

Button on the handbag

Mashed bag

The handle is quite comfortable, but again because of the transfer, it is slightly wrinkled. So far, not much is being given to the correction. It takes time for it to come into shape. Pay attention to the seam of the handle. At first I did not understand that it should be a seam top, and I thought it was a mistake, but even in the photo from the store, it is clearly visible that the seam on top.


Blue handbag from Gume store

According to the seller's description, the inside material is cotton. He feels good to the touch, does not rustle, does not creak. Thick, but soft. I tend to believe that it's cotton.

The bag consists of one large part and two small pockets. On the one hand a neat pocket with a processed edge under the phone. On the other hand a pocket with a zipper. It does not stick. It opens and closes without problems. Here are a couple of pictures of my cutie.




I definitely recommend the bag. I will wear it often, especially in the autumn period, since I had a soft pink coat. So in combination with the blue, it will look great.

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Thank you all for attention, I hope that my review will be useful to you.

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