Hello! Today I propose you to discuss my attention to the topic, because that is private theme for me. I will show you the adults stores on AliExpress with a good rating. You could read the similar article before. It was about erotic lingerie.

There are a lot of stores with sex toys on ALiExpress, but just some of them are really trustful. I propose you to look through the TOP-10 shops, where you can find adult toys of high quality. While making order, you can save your anonymity. Everybody send parcels like a “toy”, but without any concretization. Moreover, package is good and don’t attract the attention. That’s why such parcels just go through the custom’s scanner and there is no need to open it. So, your goods can save anonymity.

I can’t help you in your choice due to different preferences, but I would like to advise you the best stores with a lot of goods of high quality. Seller’s rating is over 98% and they have more than 3 000 deals. So, every shop has the sigh of trust on AliExpress.

10. gelugee Official Store


The shop works over 4 years on AliExpress. Here you will find adult toys for men and women. Price is equal to the quality. So, here you can find what you need.

Store link

9. Kuper&Cherry


The shop focuses on goods of Durex. You will find different lubricants and condoms. Adult toys are also here. If you like brands and if you are sure in the highest quality of brand goods, you will enjoy your shopping here!

Store link



The store assortment is rather unusual. Men and women could find something here. There are adult toys with different functions. Moreover, some of them have several functions.

Store link

7. HWOK Official Store


Here you can buy the most popular goods to make your sexual life more interesting. There are toys for men and women. BDSM goods are especially popular here, like handcuffs and ropes.

Store link

6. FLXUR Official Store


The assortment is really hot in the store. The company is trying to be good for everyone, even for professionals in sex. Here are adult toys of different length, form and size.

Store link

5. Khalesex Official Store


The store is rather popular too. People buy clitoral vibrator really often, there are over 1 800 positive reviews.

Store link

4. Alice Sex Toys Store


The sex-shop can surprise even sex guru. The company is for people with rather specific preferences. If you like something new, it is better to start with the shop. But you should be ready to the question “what is it and how to use it?”.

Store link

3. Maggie store  


The store has more than 500 goods. Colors, size and functions are different and the price varies on the functions and quality. Men and women could find something interesting here.

Store link

2. umania Official Store


The store has a great assortment like lubricators and vibrators. Moreover, you will find different condoms. The reviews are positive but I don’t know whether you need to risk with it.

Store link

1. SelfTime Official Store


The store has a high rate but the assortment is low. The company focuses on the high quality, that’s why price is rather high.



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