Top 10 Best Selling Products in September 2022 at Aliexpress

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Meet the top sellers on Aliexpress for September. Surprisingly, the list has changed dramatically in contrast to previous months. Suspicious products with a lot of sales were forced out due to poor ratings and reviews. Now there are more useful and high-quality products. And we remind you that we take all the statistics from the official source of Alibaba.

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10. Perfume spray bottle


A handy item for short trips. You can take your favorite perfume with you, even in your purse. The main plus of this bottle is its compactness. Available in 8 ml. and 5 ml. Over 9,000 were sold in September.


9. iPhone lenses Protective glasses


It is very important to protect your favorite gadget. Especially when repairs cost a lot of money. Therefore, it is worth taking care of protection in advance, as those 9,000 buyers who bought glasses in this lot did.


8. Wireless mouse


Those who use a wireless mouse will never buy with a wire again. It adds +100 to convenience. Although there is one flaw: it can be easily lost around the apartment, but that's another story. More than 9,000 were sold last month.


7. Sink filter


If you like to peel vegetables right in the sink, and then suffer from the fact that the sewer is clogged, then you urgently need this thing. It will not allow excess cleaning to get into the siphon.


6. Lenovo Wireless Headphones


These headphones are like candy. Such a cute color scheme, it's hard to choose. But of course this is secondary. The main good quality, which was noted by many buyers.


5. Magnetic iPhone Case


Very interesting product, but not entirely clear how it works. But the main thing is that the buyers of this know-how are satisfied with the perfect purchase and their expectations were justified. And over the past month, 10,000+ have been sold.


4. USB Type-C cable


Along with other little things, this thing is in great demand, because it is needed in almost every home. Since these cables are used very often, therefore, they deteriorate quickly. Hence the number of sales.


3. Heel insoles


Products such as soft heel insoles have saved more than one foot. And why didn't they exist before? They would protect a huge number of legs from pain. In addition, they can help even if your shoe size is slightly too big. A great item that deserves a big sale.


2. iPhone Protective glass


Another very useful thing is to keep the phone in a salable condition for as long as possible. Protective glasses should be much more popular than covers. Glass should be chosen carefully so that it really protects against impacts.


1. Headphone cleaning tool


Headphone hygiene should be given attention no less than the ears themselves. After all, a huge amount of bacteria remains in the speaker grid. This is very bad for people who often use headphones and are prone to ear infections. Therefore, when buying headphones, do not forget to take care of their cleaning. This has already been done by 10,000+ buyers of this lot.


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