A day ago
The searching for the large-size clothes with nice tailoring and design is not an easy task. To somehow facilitate your fate and make the search of the nice plus-size clothes easier we decided to establish this short list of Aliexpress stores.
A weak ago
The jewelry with gemstones has always been popular both among young fancy girls and among mature ladies. This article helps you to understand the main issues. And traditionally the links to Aliexpress items are attached to all the sample shots.
2 weaks ago
For many years lace occupies the top spot of all fashion shows and, which is the most important, doesn't intend to lose its positions. It is the lace that can magically transform the image of any girl and make a classy duchess from unfashion «dudette»...
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I'm sure that many girls have chosen their swimming suit already in winter months. At the same time for those who haven't done it yet our post will gladly assist in tightening the searching net.
4 weaks ago
Hello there to all followers of my blog. In this post you'll see my real look, so if you are impressionable and even squeamish, don't continue scrolling. There will be the shoots of my real skin without make-up and Photoshop.
A month ago
One may find a small black dress in many different styles of clothes. Many designers try to update and modernize this dress but its simple fitting forms continue to represent classy fashion for many years even in evolving tendencies. Let's observe some of the images. As usual the links for the items are attached for your convenience.
A month ago
If a girl wants to add a bit of classy in her image she put on a hat. Thus this refined item has its own wearing requirements. By observing them the girl will always look style and become the center of attraction.
A month ago
To be prepared to every unexpected case a modern girl must bring some necessary items in her arsenal. There are more than 10 must-have things indeed, however in this list we shall limit ourselves with those important that could assist any of us in different life situations.