About me

Hello. My name is Marina. I have been buying for a long time on Aliexpress. Many people often turn to me for help, and ask the same questions: how to order products, how to save money, how to win a dispute and much more. So I decided to start a blog. I changed my hobby into something more useful.

For six years of shopping experience at Aliexpress, I have accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge about how this website works, how you need to choose a products, where to get profitable coupons, and how to save money. I had to buy on Aliexpress almost from all categories: clothes, cosmetics, equipment, products for children and sports, etc. I have something to tell about this website, both good and bad. Well, that's less bad))

The blog is conducted in different categories, but the topic remains one - Aliexpress and online shopping. In my blog you will find useful tips, product reviews, bought by me personally for myself and for my family. A huge of compilations of products, interesting expensive and cheap items. And of course, if possible, I will personally hand out coupons for specific stores.

All Aliexpress reviews on my blog are based on my personal experience sometimes joyful, and sometimes sad.

I really hope that my blog will be useful for you. Also you can see my blog on the iTao website, where I write my product reviews.