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Today we will discuss one of the most urgent topics for us. What to present a man on his birthday, Christmas, February 14, etc. On the eve of the holidays people think hardly about it. So I solved to help you to choose the best variant.

Financial opportunities are different for everyone, so the goods will be selected according to the price. I divided them into three price categories. So, you will solve yourself what will be better for you.

Items below 10 USD

The Decision-Making Coin


How often does your man has to make difficult solutions? There are some doubts how to do the right thing even after hard thinking about it. So, the coin can help to make the right choice.


Self-Adhesive Camouflage Tape


2 1

Suitable for hunters, fishermen or players Airsoft and other similar games. Using such tape you can easily turn something into a military accessory that will look very cool.

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Hunters or tourists will be glad to get this good. Although now people use smartphones with GPS, this does not prevent the use of more conservative methods for orientation on the ground.

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That is very necessary and practical gift. Natural socks will never be superfluous.


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4 2

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Smartphone Holder

While the driving, the phone should always be near to the hand. Cheap and compact holder will help in solving the problem. The good is necessary and costs below 10 USD. The quality is good.  There are different ways to attach it to the car.


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5 2

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Mini Screwdriver With Accessories


This set can be useful in every house. You can easily disassemble smartphones, laptops and other gadgets. Moreover, it is possible to use it for working with other equipment that has small bolts.

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Leather Belt

That is really necessary accessory. Stylish and high-quality belt is possible to use with the casual or business style of your man.


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7 2

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7 3

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Compact Breathalyzer


Drivers who like alcohol drinks will really appreciate such present. The device will tell you when you have to avoid driving due to the alcohol influence.

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Casual T-shirt


A good T-shirt, which is made of natural materials, will be a good gift. But you should know the size of your man and his preferences to choose the best model.

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Fitness Water Bottle


If he enjoys cycling, hiking and training in gym or even he prefers other activities, you can purchase fitness water bottle. It is good gift for such people.

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Set of Skewers


Men really like good barbecue! Give your man a set of a high quality skewers, it will make his rest more beautiful and interesting.

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Items below 30 USD


Regardless of whether and preferences of movement of your man, a good umbrella will always help to stay dry when it’s rainy. We offer you a compact automatic model, or a classic umbrella-cane.


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Electric Pulse Lighter


This lighter creates an electric arc which helps you quickly start smoking even in the windy weather. Easy to charge via USB charging for your phone or directly from your computer.

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Despite of the fact that all phones show the time, watches are more convenient way to get the information. Moreover, the good can be a stylish accessory. Choose the model which is more convenient to your man: sports or classic version.  The latest model is fully mechanical.


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15 2

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15 3

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15 4

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Gym Bag

Such equipment is useful not only for gym, but just to go somewhere for a picnic.


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16 2

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Powerful Pocket Flashlight


It will be a good gadget for hunter or fishermen. This flashlight is waterproof, has a small size and can hold charge for a long time. Moreover, it is very powerful.

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Mini Fishing Rod

There are fishing rods from 3 to 7 meters when it is ready to use. In closed variant that is about 70 cm only. It can be easily taken with you wherever you go and there is no need to think where to put it?


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18 1

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Wired earphone

At least everyone has a smartphone, that’s why a high quality earphones will be needed when you want to enjoy music and not to disturb others. Real advantage of the wired earphones, they do not need to be charged.


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19 2

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Professional Geological Compass


Such gift was already in this collection, but unlike the previous one, this one is more expensive, because it is the professional model.

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Car Tool Kit


Every car owner will need such a set of tools. You never know what can occur on the road.

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Items below 50 USD

Oak Barrel for Alcohol


For those who manufactures beer or wine themselves, such thing is necessary to get a high quality drink.

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Smart Fit


People who has ever tried this device will never want to stop using it. It shows all notifications from your phone, measures of your heart rate and steps. Also it works like a watch. At least every model is waterproof and it can simplify life, especially if the smartphone has a large size. 

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There is no hunting, fishing or camping without a good thermos! When you are outdoor and far from your home, you always want to drink something hot (especially in autumn).

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Jump Starter


It is necessary for people, who have a car. When the battery suddenly sat down, this device will help to start it without anyone's help.

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Wireless earphone


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I hope you were able to decide what to give your man, and I could help you in this difficult task. Soon there will be more similar articles. Follow the news and read new articles!

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