How to search by image on Aliexpress

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Image search is a very simplified version of the searching on Aliexpress. While using this function, you can greatly simplify the process of searching the necessary product or find something similar. Ali has implemented this feature in the mobile app only. In the browser version of the site this feature is not provided. However, there is one trick that can be applied. Let's look at all.

Search by Image in the App

There are several ways to find a product by image in the mobile app. Success depends on the quality of the photo and the vision of the necessary item. If the image was saved earlier from Aliexpress itself, then you are guaranteed in successful search.

Search by Own Photo

Open the Aliexpress app firstly. There is a camera icon in the upper-right corner, near the search bar. Click on it.


Give the permission to access your camera and gallery. Don't be afraid, it's safe. Then you should take a picture of the thing you want to find. As soon as you do this, the searching system will start working.

If the system finds the wrong product, correct the area that will be searched. Click on the thumbnail of your photo at the top of the screen to do this. After the image opens to full screen, you should move the frame of the selected area. It should be located only around the desired object.


Everything worked perfectly in the example. The system produced a lot of results. The program recognized the object well because and the night light was purchased on Ali.


Search by Saved Photo or by Image from the Internet

Click on the small "Gallery" square in the lower-left corner of the screen, where your last photo is visible in the preview. Select the "Camera" folder if you took the photo on this phone. If it is downloaded from the Internet, you should switch to other albums and look for the picture there. When you have done it, the search will start automatically. The photo is taken from the Internet in our example. It was a white coat/cardigan without buttons.


The result is good; the system could find the necessary good.

The best options are shown first. The system itself determines the product category and the first section will be upset to your item. If it is clothing, then the first section will be "Clothing", if it is shoes, then it will be "Shoes". The result can be sorted by price, but sorting by rating is not provided.

If you are interested in this coat, the best way is to use the link.

Search by Image from the Product Card

This method is suitable if you have already found the necessary product, but you are not satisfied with the price or reviews.

Let’s take this jacket for instance. It looks very stylish, but the rating is not very high and there are very few reviews.


So, click on the main image. It will expand to full screen on a black background. Scroll through the photos to the left, and choose the model that you like the most. Then, click on the camera icon at the top. After that, you will immediately get the search results.



There are not many results in reality. But there is a model of this jacket with a couple of reviews.

Another method has appeared recently, but there is one trick: it can only be applied to products that have been withdrawn from sale.

If there are goods in your shopping cart, and they have been withdrawn from sale, there will be a "Similar Items" button below them. Just click on it.


You can’t choose the best photo in this case. The system will search for all images, as well as the description and name of the product. The accuracy is about 80%.


Searching in the Browser version

The image search option is not provided for PC users, but there is still one way out.

You can add the product to your wish list. Then, open the "My Wishlist" page and find the product here. So, click on "Find similar products". You could see the possible models. The accuracy of this method is not so good, but this way of searching can also be useful.


The image search feature is still developing on Aliexpress. It will bring something new with each version of the app. We will update this article whenever the news will occur. Subscribe to our social networks below in order not to miss anything new.

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