TOP 10 Best Selling Products in March 2020 on Aliexpress

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Due to the interest from our visitors, we solved to create a new category where we will publish TOP-10 the most purchased products from Aliexpress for a specific month on a monthly basis. Data is not taken from the air. All information is taken from the official report of Alibaba Group and it can be trusted 100%.

And really, what is most in demand on the site of this Internet giant? Let's start the TOP list. According to the tradition, the TOP list begins with the 10th place. To find out the leader of this list, you need to read the article to the end.

10. Rosalind Gel Polish


Why did this particular good from Rosalind become so popular in March? Most likely, because the price is very low, and the company is very famous with its high-quality goods. Who will refuse to purchase a pair of cool gel lacquers? Thera were more than 10,000 sales per month.


9. Tape Expander


Some people are prudent and want to keep themselves in shape even during quarantine. The minimum set for home classes must include an expander. Over the past 30 days, more than 10 thousand sales. Maybe it's time for you to purchase it too? We don't know when the quarantine will be finished.


8. LED Strip


Despite the worldwide quarantine, people still have a craving for beauty. So, they need decorate their furniture/car/computer/room and much more with a good LED light. There were over 13,000 sales per month.


7. Mask Filters


The popularity of this product is not surprising. Masks require daily sterilization and filter changes. Sales for March are about 15 thousand.


6. TWS i7 Wireless Earphones


Budget wireless headphones were in sixth place in sales. Why is it so popular? Is it just the surprisingly low price, or is there something special about them? Can Bluetooth headphones be good for this price? We don’t know but the statistics says that the good in on the 6th place of the rating.


5. Tape Expander (Another one)


And the good for sports again in the TOP list. It is great that people do not stop doing themselves even sitting at home. This good was sold more than 18 thousand times in the previous month.


4. Protective Mask With Removable Filters


It should be expected that the leading positions will be occupied by masks that can somehow protect against the coronavirus. Some of them can do it physically, and some may protect just psychologically. There are more than 20,000 deals of the good. The mask includes several filters to replace. If you want to find more similar products, check out our TOP list of medical masks. There are very different options.


3. Cycling Protective Mask


The third place is taken by masks, but this time that is good for Bicycle. It is designed primarily for protection from dust, exhaust gases and other pollution in the urban environment.


2. Cotton Masks With Cute Faces


The second position is taken by masks once again. Due to the general panic and lack of these goods, enterprising people began to produce them themselves. And even those mask that are unlikely to protect against the virus are popular too. These goods were sold more than 30,000 times in the previous month.


1. Magnetic USB Cable


Well, the first place was taken by a cheap product, but it is very necessary. It should help to protect your phone's USB connector from wear and tear in theory. Due to the fact that you will not insert and pull out the cable every time while charging your phone, but install the connector once, the cable will be connected via a magnet. There were about 40,0000 units were sold over the past month.


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