Soonpure foaming cleanser review

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Hello there to all followers of my blog. In this post you'll see my real look, so if you are impressionable and even squeamish, don't continue scrolling. There will be the shoots of my real skin without make-up and Photoshop. However in case you have the same skin troubles as me, then sit tight and read all the post. I hope you find it useful and the following product helps you as it has already helped me


This history has started long before. When I was 16, I suffered first skin issues. Can't say that it's happened because of the hormonal balance as I've started growing already at the age of 13. At the same time in those ages thanks to the school replacement I begin to gain weight. I went to college without catering, but with café with different useless foodstuff which I eat. This shift immediately affected my skin. Thus I didn't have red pimples, but the skin itself was indeed like emerypaper with plenty of subdermal zits impossible to eliminate. Then it was the suspicion on Demodecosis (do not Google this!) the disease from tiny subdermal ticks passed from animals. Later we found out that I didn't have it, so the things went easier.

Unfortunately in our city we didn't have good specialists and cosmetologists who I could trust so I had to heal up with the medicine I found in internet. One of them was Zinerit. It helped me indeed and healed acne. Unfortunately as its effect is in boosting all the processes together with liberating me from already appeared dots, it triggered the growth of hidden once, as they started appearing in a month and have bothered me since. Now these red pimples are my constant problem. I think that bad nutrition is not the only issue as my heredity also plays its part. Father always has trouble skin with dilated pores and black spots.

Пенка для умывания от Soon Pure

9 years have passed since my problem has appeared. I've taken many different therapies and tried lots of stuff to clear and improve the skin. Unfortunately no one has given adequate and long-term result. With that I stop bothering you and trespass to the item of this exactly post. Recently I've received a package with some Chinese cosmetics and among the goods there was Soon Pure facial foam. I've already tried the items from this manufacturer and it was good indeed. Here you can find hydro-gel eye patches review.

As there were little asset of things that helped me to heal my zits I didn't believe that this foam will. Fortunately I was wrong.



The foam is excellent in all the aspects, starting from the pack design to its skin care effect. I start from the package – it gives the impression that the product is good and expensive. The design is quite elegant without unnecessary details. The instruction is shot, but it's on Chinese =) Blue mint tone of the wrapper looks awesome. The tube is soft and the foam is squeezed easy in quantity you need it. The weight is only 100 grams, but the volume is enough for long time as you need only two drops for washing. The consistent is creamy with good foaming contacting the water. The foam itself is very soft and mild. It cleans all the pores carefully. With it one can clear the most resistant make-up. The smell is light and pleased. And the main advantage of the foam is of course the result.




Немного пенки для умывания на руке

No words need, just look.

As I didn't expect such effect I hadn't made a pre-photo before I'd used the foam. First shot is after 3 days of using it, the second – after 5 days. But the result was on the first day, the largest red acne have gone.

The photos have been in different terms of the day so the light is a little bit different. I couldn't save the angle thus I tried to do my best.

Right cheek

First shot after 3 days of using, the second – after 5 days.

Женская кожа с прыщами

Кожа с прыщами после пенки

Left cheek

First shot after 3 days of using, the second – after 5 days.



Front look

As well first shot is after 3 days of using, the second – after 5 days.



Is there any result?

I see the real changes on my skin for good.

This product deals great with my zits both with large and tiny subdermal. It also clear new pimples easy but when it is one of the old and enough thick – the situation is more difficult. However I continue to believe this foam will save me from those zits as well.

Soon pure Flat lay

On this photo you can see my skin without make-up and creams. Be sure the result is real with no photoshop and cosmetics used. I do hope that this post is useful and this foam will help you as it has already helped me.

Thank you all for your attention! Yours Milkshake!

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