The necessary things for a beach holiday at Aliexpress

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The beginning of the summer is always marked by trips to warm countries. People plan to go to the sea in advance, that’s why they make lists of purchases and things. Suitcases are filled with colorful swimsuits and flip-flops of all kinds. However, few people think or even forget what you really need to take with you for a trip to the beach.

In our article we will tell you about it and help you not to forget to take everything you will need on the beach.

Cream to Protect the Skin From Sunlight

Sunscreens should always be the first in your list, as they affect to your skin at the time of being on the beach. People with light skin are in the group of risk. This will cause unpleasant and even painful sensations, as well as a spoiled vacation and lack of sunburn.






To go on the theme of sun protection, hats are really necessary for you in summer. Hats, baseball caps, knitted berets, panama hats, scarves are the things that will perfectly suit for you. There are a lot of different models on the market. You can find the TOP list of the best hats on our website.



Beach Bag

A variety of large beach bags are on the peak of popularity in the summer. The top lines are occupied by wicker and canvas options. These bags are not only convenient to carry a large number of things, but it also looks stylish.





Beach Towel and Mat

Many people don't bother with towels. Those, who did not have time to take a beach sunbed with umbrella, have to use other things. It is possible to use carpets, ordinary body towels, personal items, air mattresses and shawls. But our article does not imply to use these things for the beach. Therefore, we recommend you to pay attention to the popular round towels with various patterns. Their main material is microfiber, due to which all moisture will be absorbed and dry faster in the sun.



Another very practical thing is a special mat for the beach. The material consists of a small mesh, so that the sand does not remain on the mat, but it passes through it.

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Inflatable Mattress

There is no trip to the sea without an air mattress. When it is deflated, it takes up little space. But often it is difficult to inflate the good without special gadgets. The most popular are the mattresses in the form of flamingos, swans, unicorns, pizza and fruit today.





Water Bottle

Someone will solve that the bottle of water will be unnecessary in the list of TOP things. But we recommend you do not forget about it. Small shops and cafes on the beach are sometimes absent or raise the price of regular drinks twice. A bottle of water will never be superfluous on the way to/from the beach and on the beach itself when you need to drink something.

We have a review of the stylish bottle from My Bottle. People, who are interested in it, can read the article in details.



This list of products from AliExpress is not only an example of what you need to take to the beach. You can also order it or find analogues on AliExpress.

What do you think you should take to the beach in addition to the list?

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