My bottle from Aliexpress — Review

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I have long wanted to buy this thing because we have a very hot summer, and I always buy mineral water. I know it's not very good. And I don’t like when in the gym everyone has the same bottles of water. In that case it's very easy to get confused, which one is yours. So I decided to buy this bottle.

My bottle from aliexpress

Aliexpress has a huge range of such bottles. Prices are very different, but I found the most profitable and good option for myself. Of course, I chose by the uniqueness and beauty of the appearance. It may sound ridiculous, but bottles also have a unique design. I found this pretty little bottle. I really liked that it was stylish and at the same time pretty. In this lot are three different models. They differ only in the inscription and color.

I like the meaning of the phrase this bottle transmits: "Drink water with this bottle 3 times a day, and you will be nice." It’s so cute.



Everything is done carefully. The material of the bottle is plastic. Very dense and high-quality. It's all clear. Not easy to distinguish from glass. You can understand that it’s not glass only by weight and sound when knocking. There are no muddy divorces. It looks decent and dignified. Very stylish My Bottle. You can put in there detox-drinks, freshly squeezed juices or cocktails. The cover is also made of plastic. Closes and opens in the usual way with the thread. Inside, there is a rubber lining on the bottom of the lid, with which the lid closes more tightly. There is a convenient handle in the finger loop shape. It is also made of rubber. The bottle doesn’t leak at all. I once dropped on the floor (on a thin carpet). I did not see any damage.

When I have received the parcel, there was a little smell of stagnant plastic in the bottle. I washed it with a detergent. The smell not immediately disappeared, but only after the second wash.



In the description of the product it is written that the capacity holds 600 ml of water. I checked that in reality there is exactly 600 ml of water. Especially for the photo, I did a detox drink


  • 4 slices of lemon
  • A lot of mint
  • Half of cucumber
  • A pinch of sugar and salt

If you know other cool detox cocktails, then write in the comments, I will gladly read your recipes



My bottle flat lay

Great thing! This hot summer, no trip or one walk without this bottle is not complete. Comfortable, compact and stylish.


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