Top 7 Fashion Mistakes That Instantly Age You

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Your visual age depends on many factors: facial features, lifestyle, self-care, and so on. But sometimes incorrectly selected items can add five or more years to your look. Do not make the following mistakes in clothing and accessories to avoid it. These tips are primarily aimed at girls from 20 to 35 years old.

1. Too Many Black Color


Black color makes you slim and everyone knows it. But some women want to get necessary visual effect and they use too many black color. Sometimes a colorful accessory is enough to "lose" 5 kg without getting older.


2. Trapezoid Dresses


Such dresses can hide thighs and other imperfections, but have you ever thought about how terribly they look in reality? If you don't want to risk, you should be sure to emphasize your waistline.

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3. Cardigan With Buttons


Grandma's cardigan is appropriate only in one case: if you know exactly what to combine with it and if you follow the fashion trends. Otherwise, it is better to choose jacket.

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4. Open-Toed Shoes


When it comes to accessories, open-toe and closed-heel shoes are synonymous with forgotten antiquity. There are some models, which are out of trends for 8-10 years ago. If you still have high-heeled shoes, throw it away immediately. Shoes with low heels with a sharp nose are relevant, as well as classic stilettos with a sharp nose.

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5. Disbalance


Never wear a bulky sweater with oversized trousers, or vice versa. Sure, if you do not want to visually grow up. The golden rule of harmonious combination of things states that there should be narrow top and wide bottom or vice versa.

6. Skirt to Mid-Calf


This is the part of clothing that you need to feel really good. This is especially true for a-line silhouette skirts. If you wear it, you have to remember that it dictates what you should wear at the top and what to put on. The best option now is mini-skirt, but do not overdo it with a shortened length. It can look even worse than a long skirt to mid-calf. Pleated skirts are really popular today.


7. Retro Prints


Despite the fact that retro prints are back in fashion, this does not mean that they should be worn without following the rules. It is necessary to show the world that you were born in 1990s and not in 1940s. So, try to combine floral dresses or vintage motifs with modern and fashionable accessories. For example, belts.

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Never forget that not only clothing, but also its combination can add or take you at least a few years. If you don't want to look older than you are, then use these little tricks. What examples of things that age, do you know? Write it in the comments below. 

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