A lot of different smartphone brands can be found on Aliexpress. In this list we'll deal only with the sellers of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers.

According to the feedbacks, reviews and rates the best Chinese smartphones are Xiaomi, Meizu, OnePlus and Huawei. They offer relatively lower prices and quality products compatible with world-famous brands. One can buy fast and modern mobile phone with good camera and huge memory card approximately for 150$

This list includes sellers which have more than 2500 sales for half a year with the “reliable brand” status and rates higher than 98%. The rank in the Top list is built on this data.

5. HW Retail Store

5 1

This store specializes in Huawei products. If you are a fan of this manufacturer, you can buy from them safely.

Sales 2 227
Rate 98,5%
Age 1
Brand Huawei


4. Hongkong VT Store


This store sells a wide variety of brands. Among the products you can find a variety of accessories, but the main range is Meizu and Huawei phones.

Sales 11 543
Rate 98,5%
Age 5
Brand Meizu, Huawei, Oneplus, ZTE, LeEco


3. Hong Kong Goldway


This huge seller provides large variety of products. Almost all phones have different versions of firmware and equipment. It is a real giant among all the technical shops on Ali. Last year I bought two Xiaomi phones for my parents there. Everything was delivered quickly and in great quality. Both phones are still working perfectly.

Sales 86 129
Rate 98,7%
Age 7
Brand Xiaomi, OnePlus, ZTE


2. Fantacy technology


Another giant among the sellers of mobile electronics. Their specialization is Xiaomi, thus the seller works with other brands as well. I also have an experience of purchasing form them. I've bought a mobile phone. Everything is perfect. It's still working.

Sales 76 927
Rate 99,1%
Age 6
Brand Xiaomi, OnePlus, ZTE


1. Xiaomi Online Store


According to its name one can understand that the shop is dedicated to only this particular brand. And it's not coincidentally. Xiaomi provides best products for best prices. Wide range of smartphones, accessories, notebooks and so on are available. Huge amount of sales and positive feedbacks represented notwithstanding the only year of operation on the market.

Sales 102 818
Rate 98,9%
Age 2
Brand Xiaomi


Among “Chinese production” there are quality products as well. You can make purchases in any of the stores with now worry that you will receive a brick. The main thing you need to know is what you really need. Don't forget to read feedback on every device. By the way, you can buy good phone cases for these telephones in the list of phone cases stores.

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