Top 10 Chinese smartphone sellers at Aliexpress

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A lot of different smartphone brands can be found on Aliexpress. In this list we'll deal only with the sellers of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers.

According to the feedbacks, reviews and rates the best Chinese smartphones are Xiaomi, Meizu, OnePlus and Huawei. They offer relatively lower prices and quality products compatible with world-famous brands. One can buy fast and modern mobile phone with good camera and huge memory card approximately for 150$

This list includes sellers which have more than 9000 sales for half a year with the “Top brand” status and rates higher than 97%. The rank in the Top list is built on this data.

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10. ULEFONE Official Store


Sells products of the brand of the same name. Phones are mostly budget and ultra-budget class. The quality is adequate. But since the store got into this collection, it means not everything is so bad, and if you want to save money, then you can take a closer look at this manufacturer.


9. OnePlus Official Store


The store sells phones of the same manufacturer. OnePlus is not the cheapest device. The manufacturer released a couple of devices up to $ 200, but their main products cost more than $400. All smartphones are rather powerful and they are high quality. If you haven't heard of this brand, but check out the reviews on Youtube.


8. BLACKVIEW Official Store


Also sells goods of the manufacturer of the same name. Unfortunately, we cannot give any comments, because we did not deal with him at all. But the rating and customer reviews are quite good. Select the product that interests you and read in more detail what they write there.


7. Xiaomi Dreami Authorised Store


That is rather interesting name of the store, but customers can understand, that it specializes on the Xiaomi brand. Despite the eighth place, the store is in the TOP list and it can become higher soon. This seller is trustful. Ratings and reviews can confirm this.


6. realme Official Store


As you have already noticed, this list includes many branded stores after the revision. Realme is not bad enough to grow in the rating. Some devices are as good as Redmi models and can compete with them very well. If you are not familiar with this brand, then do not pass by. There are many suitable devices.


5. POCO Store


Recently, POCO models are exploding the market with devices at an ideal price-performance ratio. It's amazing if you still don't know this Xiaomi sub-brand.




The return of the prodigal son. Once this store was in the top three on Ali. But the last couple of years have slipped terribly. The pandemic is partly to blame. They are currently gaining good reviews again, improving ratings and increasing sales. Therefore, we returned this seller to the place they deserve. The main products are Redmi and Poco.


3. Xiaomi Mi Store


This store cooperates with Xiaomi manufacturer only. It sells smartphones in general, but there are also bracelets, headphones, and something for a smart home.


2. hongkong willvast Store


There are several manufacturers: Honor, INFINIX and Realme. You can also find various smart accessories and devices. The rating is good enough. And so much so that he took such a high position.


1. Hong Kong Goldway


We update this rating for the fourd time in three years and Hong Kong Goldway store is always remains the 1st place of the TOP list. It has been specializing only in Xiaomi products for the last year. That is quite good, because these goods are the most purchased phones in the world from Chinese manufacturers.

There are more than 1 000 000 sales and 98% rate. Absolute success it is. We’ve bought smartphones for all the family there and plan to make purchases there in the future. Good prise and quick delivery is guaranteed. To make a choice you can just look at marks and feedbacks of this seller.


Among “Chinese production” there are quality products as well. You can make purchases in any of the stores with now worry that you will receive a brick. The main thing you need to know is what you really need. Don't forget to read feedback on every device. By the way, you can buy good phone cases for these telephones in the list of phone cases stores.

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