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Updated 23.10.2019

A lot of different smartphone brands can be found on Aliexpress. In this list we'll deal only with the sellers of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers.

According to the feedbacks, reviews and rates the best Chinese smartphones are Xiaomi, Meizu, OnePlus and Huawei. They offer relatively lower prices and quality products compatible with world-famous brands. One can buy fast and modern mobile phone with good camera and huge memory card approximately for 150$

This list includes sellers which have more than 2500 sales for half a year with the “Top brand” status and rates higher than 98%. The rank in the Top list is built on this data.

If you don’t know what exactly to buy, look at our items list of the 10 best budget smartphones in 2019.

10. ULEFONE Official Store


Despite this store is a new one; however it has already possessed a “Top brand” status. The store sells budget option telephone of Ulefone mark. It’s possible to buy a nice phone for 5 000 rubs. The feedbacks are positive to the most of their models. Look carefully to this seller if you intend to buy good non-expensive phone.


9. Mi France Store


The only unclear thing is that how this is about France as it is a usual Chinese seller. During half of the year it has more than 7 000 sells with the rate more than 98%. They have many positive feedbacks as well. The stores’ specialization is Xiaomi brand.


8. Hongkong VT Store


Among the sellers of the top-list this one has the richest variety of brands. The main assortment represents the mobiles of MeizuHuawei, OnePlus и Honor and in addition there you can also find a huge amount of different accessories.


7. Xiaomi Dreami Authorised Store


Quite a highbrow store’s logo that however displays the seller specialization. It is the Xiaomi brand phones. Despite it possess the 7th rate, as it has already been put into the following top-list, it brand definitely can be trusted. The marks and feedbacks confirm that. 


6. UMIDIGI Online Store


This authorized store sells the Umidigi brand mobiles. They are not as popular as their Chinese competitive fellows, but according to the feedbacks their quality quite fits their prize.


5. hongkong willvast Store


The store has models from several brand-developers: Honor, ZTE and a little bit of Leeco. One can search for different accessories there. The rates are quite good. Indeed it is an average store among the best and so it has its place in the middle of our top-list.


4. Xiaomi Official Store


Indeed it seems that there are too many official Xiaomi stores. However this seller is great and the feedbacks just confirm its status. There you can search for mobile phones and other accessories of the particular brand.




Tue giant among the gadget stores! There have been about 36 000 sales per half of the year and it’s not a joke. The store specialized on the following brands: Xiaomi, OnePlus and Lenovo. I personally have purchased some items there. We’ve bought a mobile. It‘s been delivered quickly and the phone is still operating


2. Xiaomi Online Store


Again, one can understand from the store’s name that there is only one brand that is in selling. And there is a good reason as among all the brands Xiaomi is the first cause it offers the best product for the best prize. The assortment provides huge variety of smartphones, accessories, notebooks and so on. For the previous half of the year they had 73 000 deals and a lot of positive feedbacks. And this is despite the fact that they has operated on the market only few years before.


1. Hong Kong Goldway


The undisputed leader of leaders among all the smartphone and accessories sellers on Ali. Few years ago this store strongly possessed the third place in our list, but this year it had reached the pinnacle top, leaving behind all the competitors.

There are 100 000 sales and 99% rate. Absolute success it is. We’ve bought smartphones for all the family there and plan to make purchases there in the future. Good prize and quick delivery is guaranteed. To make a choice you can just look at marks and feedbacks of this seller.


Among “Chinese production” there are quality products as well. You can make purchases in any of the stores with now worry that you will receive a brick. The main thing you need to know is what you really need. Don't forget to read feedback on every device. By the way, you can buy good phone cases for these telephones in the list of phone cases stores.

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