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If a girl wants to add a bit of classy in her image she put on a hat. Thus this refined item has its own wearing requirements. By observing them the girl will always look style and become the center of attraction. Otherwise she risks looking awful and strange. Traditionally after these piece of advises you'll find a list of 10 most popular summer hats with the links to Aliexpress.

How to wear

Adhere to etiquette

In contrary to the men, girls are not obliged to take off their hats at funerals, hymn or flag official ceremony or during the diner. However after the 5 o'clock time, on the work, indoors during the winter time it's better to take the hat off if it's not an inherent part of the dress. It's also a bad taste to wear it in cinema, theater or at the concert.

Do not add a hat to sport style

Tracksuit, coats, parks, T-shirts, trainers and sneakers are those things that definitely can't stand any type of hat! The exception could be done for tennis wear, but the color scheme defines only by black and white. Keep in mind, that you will look fullish if you break the rule.

Hat style and shape of the face


There are several rules, which are urgent to follow:

The only one model fitting any shape of the face is borsalino (with its narrow borders, trapezoid form and a fold at the top).

The girls with oval, namely ideal face may choose every model.

To those with round face is better to wear wide-brimmed hats with explicit top part.

Girls with prominent cheekbones face may prefer hat with soft wavy borders. For them the cowboy models with hard border is not a good option.

In case the face shape a mild rotated triangle the style could be balanced with small hats a-la 20-th.

Pay attention also to the forehead height. For those who has 7-feet tall forehead is better to choose the low-sitting hats that could hide a part of a head.

If the forehead shape is a bit narrow, the optimum choice is a hat that instead opens a part of a forehead and hairs.

Try a hat while standing tall

The hat is a type of accessory that could be chosen not only by taking into account the form of one face, but also the body shape and proportions. Tall ladies with forms should take only the wide hats with soft and round-type borders. Petite girls instead can take head hats with small borders. Stylists know a little secret that allows choosing an ideal hat. The hat's top should be equal to the size of the widest part of the ladies face. At the same time when you are looking for the wide border hat, pay attention to the border width. It shouldn't be wider than the shoulder line.

Selecting color scheme

The hat always must emphasize ones dress. It could fit the color tone of the clothes if the style is monochromic with the one-tone gamma. Best example is official event like wedding or funerals. In other cases it's better to choose the tone of the hat in contrast with the main color of the dress or suite.

So, by applying these simple but important rules you can wear it almost with all the type of dressing. You may find the perfect model on AliExpress. There are a lot of hats for different meetings and situations.

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