Aliexpress “12 years” Anniversary Sale 2022: how to get real discounts

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Aliexpress is 12 years old this year. On this occasion, a large sale is held every year, which is second only to 11.11 in volume. In this difficult economic situation there are many nuances, but Ali did not refuse to carry out this action, although at the moment there are much fewer different goodies than usual. Read all the details in our article.

Sale Home Page:


Dates and Stages

  • Warm Up – from 23 march 00:00 to 27 march 23:59 (PST)
  • Sale – from 28 march 00:00 to 1 april 23:59 (PST)

How to get real discount

There aren't many options right now. The main way is store coupons. In some places you can snatch a couple of Aliexpress coupons, promocodes will be available a little later at the start of the promotion, we will add them to this article. Only one thing does not change: add products to the cart immediately at the warm-up stage, as practice has shown, from year to year, the same promo-codes end very quickly. You need to apply them immediately at the start of the sale, if you want to have time to get some discounts.

$3 off every $30 spend

The title speaks for itself. When buying in the "Spend and Save" section, you will receive the above discount every $30.


You can exchange them on the Coins & Coupons page usually. But at the moment there are no offers. Check the link again at the start of the action. Who does not understand what it is about, see the article What are coins on Aliexpress.

Store Coupons

This year, seller coupons will make up the main discount. So stock up on them first. Please note that they remain operational during the sale, and not just during the warm-up. Here are a few places to get them.

  • The coupon center displays all store coupons that are currently available. They are divided into categories. However, they can only help in time for well-thought-out purchases from specific sellers.
  • On the item page under the price
  • On the main stores page

Aliexpress coupons

At the moment, there is no specific and accurate information about them. But from what we have right now, you can earn them in Ali's mobile game – Money Hop.


For all exclude CIS, RU, UA, ES, FR, BR, UZ, AM, KZ, TJ, BY, MD, AZ, TM, KG, GE, PL, KR, SA, MX, LK, NO, ID (28.03 – 01.04)

  • ANNI6 — $6 off $60
  • ANNI13 — $13 off $120
  • ANNI22 — $22 off $180
  • ANNI30 — $30 off $250

For South Africa (28.03 – 01.04)

  • ANNI25 — $2.6 off $25.9
  • ANNI38 — $5.2 off $38.9
  • ANNI51 — $7.8 off $51.9
  • ANNI130 — $19.5 off $129.8

For Brazil (28.03 – 01.04)

  • farofa30 — $30 off $400
  • farofa45 — $45 off $600
  • farofa60 — $60 off $800
  • farofa85 — $85 off $1100
  • farofa110 — $30 off $1400

For Poland (28.03 – 01.04)

  • AEOFERTY — $3 off $25
  • ZNIZKA — $6 off $41

For Spain (28.03 – 01.04)

  • AEAL4 — €4 off €29
  • AEAL8 — €8 off 59
  • AEAL14 — €14 off €99
  • AEAL19 — €19 off €129
  • AEAL30 — €30 off €199
  • AEAL45 — €45 off €299

For France (28.03 – 01.04)

  • 328FR01 — €1 off €5
  • 328FR04 — €4 off €20
  • 328FR07 — €7 off €50
  • 328FR15 — €15 off €110
  • 328FR22 — €22 off €149
  • 328FR30 — €30 off €199
  • 328FR45 — €45 off €299
  • 328FR60 — €60 off €399

Trusted sellers

As we wrote above, many stores raise prices before the promotion, and during the sale they return it as it was, and supposedly here is a big discount for you. If you look at products from major brands, then the likelihood of such a feint is much less. For many years we have been running a section where we publish #TOP stores in various categories. All ratings are updated several times a year. Yes, and not all saints are there, but when buying from rated sellers, the likelihood of being deceived is much less.

Interesting categories on sale

Aliexpress lucky pack


In this section, you can purchase a pack in various categories, in which there will be interesting random items.

Page link:

Shopping guide

As usual, we have covered only the most interesting sections. If you want to see all the sale pages, then check out the official Shopping Guide. All available information is there. More precisely, from the moment of launch. At the moment, not all of them have been placed there.

As information becomes available, the article will be supplemented.

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