Best 10 swimwear sellers on Aliexpress

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It's not an easy task to buy a nice swimsuit if you live in a small town, especially if you want to buy not one but three. It will be not just expensive in price but the items' range there will be absolutely boring. If in your place of living there is such a problem or you want something new but relatively cheap, then “Welcome to Aliexpress”. It's always glad to help and to provide you with a huge variety of different items.

With the aim to save your time I've prepared this list of 10 swimwear sellers on AliExpress. The only vendors with the rate up to 97% and more than 11 000 sales are included in this list. This two points plus the “trustworthy brand” status determine the sellers' position in the top list.

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10. SEAURAL Official Store


Due to the small number of sales, the store took only the last place, but its assortment is simply gorgeous. There are bright feminine floral models with and without ruffles. You can also find sports models that do not disfigure, but rather emphasize the figure.


9. INGAGA Official


The diversity in this shop is not so large thus the quality of items will definitely please you. The swim costumes for the sport swimming could be also found there. By the way, for modest ladies the store provides closed-type suits as well.


8. Telaura Beachwear


The assortment there is not huge. There are only about 147 items. However I indeed enjoy the presented models. They have lots of unique suits with the maximum size of 2XL.




The shop works on AliExpress only second year, thus it has already regained the customers trust. They prefer it because of its good rate and very large variety. It has more than 450 items on display.


6. sporlike Official Store


They have quite a good diversity with many modern-style models. You can find both open and closed swimsuits. The wide range of size: from S to XXXL.


5. Riseado Official


The options of items are quite specific there, but the quality is good. There both sport-type as well as classic closed swimwears. The vendor has a small number of two-piece suits as well. Ladies with larger sizes could also find something for them. The sizes are up to 5XL.


4. EONAR Official


This store will surprise you as it has surprised me earlier. But what makes it so special? For now it has only 37 items; however its rates are on the top. I really don't understand the trick. May be seller has deleted some of the items. The range is indeed small and up to me, the presented models are not the best, but according to the number of sales, they must have unbelievable quality.


3. Tureller Store


The seller has a high rating and a huge number of sales. Products are very differentю They are in European and Asian style. There are models for overweight women up to 8XL. Prices are a bit higher than in other stores, but the quality is appropriate.


2. Andzhelika Official Store


The balance of rate, quantity of sales and the diversity rightfully place this store on the top position. There are lots of beautiful and interesting items. They have sport-style and classic models. You can find swimming suits for children there as well. Good variety for the ladies with extra sizes is also presented. The max size of items is 3XL.


1. CUPSHE Official Store


That is a great store with an excellent assortment. There are both: one-piece swimsuit, and bikinis. Moreover, you can find threesomes swimsuits here too. There is a good assortment of beach dresses and bathrobes. Big ladies can find something here too.


As you may see, there are many good sellers on AliExpress. I'll be happy if my post facilitates your searches and you will find something that will fit you. Share this list with your friends and subscribe to my groups in social networks.

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