Recently I decided to do my nails by myself. There were some reasons. Firstly, masters often don't understand my ideas and the result can be not as good as I expected. Secondly, I think a woman should be able to do everything, because there can be a force majeure situation at any time.

So I got a home manicure kit. I bought everything needed for work: a nail drill, a lamp, polishes, shellac a base and a top. I'm learning gradually and now have some good results but I'm still far from being a professional.

I wasted so much time searching for necessary items, so I decided to make a compilation of top nail sellers for my readers. I'll recommend you the best and proven stores.

Every position in this list has a status of a "Reliable Brand". Their ratings are higher than 98% and an amount of sold goods is more than 25 000. These three factors influence on shop's position in my list of brands

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10. Jiji Nail Art Products

Jiji Nail Art Products

They have an awesome variety of products. Here you will find everything for Nail Art, from brushes to different stickers and crystals. They often have actions and you can always get some coupons. Remember about this shop, it will help you to save money. What about me I like an acrylic powder kit for nails here.


9. AZURE BEAUTY Official Store


Sells products of a brand with the same name. There is a good assortment of gel-polishes with glitter here, also there are polishes that glow in the dark, with magnetic effect, etc. Also you can by a lamp for shellac drying. The prices are quite affordable.


8. U R Beautiful-Comestic Store

U R Beautiful Comestic Store

Here you can find different devices for manicure. I was really impressed by such a big amount of stickers. You can choose to your taste! There are really good kits of cutters for nail drills here. Prices are little higher than in other shops.


7. Fabien Store

Fabien Store

It is different from other vendors by its range of products. They sell only devices and decors for nails: brushes, crystals, cuticle pushers. Prices are really suitable. Also, they often have coupons.


6. HNM Beaute Salon store

HNM Beaute Salon store

This seller specializes in items for trimming manicure. Also, here a big range of HNM gel-polishes is sold. The most interesting thing I have found is a plaster for nails. Now you can stop worrying about broken nails!


5. Artlalic Store

Artlalic Store

They have different little things for Nail design, acrylic powders and gel-polishes, of course. The range of goods is rather big and prices are acceptable.


4. CANNI V2 Store

CANNI V2 Store

I think that this shop and a V6 Nail Art Store have one creator. The decor of their products is so similar! But here the emphasis is made on CANNI.


3. Sara Nail Art Products Wholesale

Sara Nail Art Products Wholesale

They have all necessary items for hardware and trimming manicure. They work on Aliexpress for 8 years and their items are high quality. And they have really high ratings. You can learn how to build a quality service from them.


2. KADS Official Store

KADS Official Store

This vendor is highly appreciated by people who just start doing manicure. He has all needed instruments at unbelievable prices. And firstly these are gel polishes. Cheaper products will be suitable for your first experiments. They have a really huge range of stamps, decors, etc. Also I noticed that there are many unusual products. If you like trying something new and want to save money, this shop is for you.


1. V6 Nail Art Store

V6 Nail Art Store

Sells only materials of brands Venalisa and CANNI. These companies are rather popular on Aliexpress. The range is not really big but this did not prevent them from selling a lot of goods. And no wonder because their service and quality of products are really high.


I'm glad if I help you to save some time. Now it will be much easier for you to choose the best items for manicure. If you like this compilation, please don't forget to share it and to subscribe to my social media accounts. Thank you for your attention!


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