Aliexpress fashion summer swimwear list

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“Repair your cart in December; in July your sledge remember” is a quite popular proverb that could be applied also to the modern fashion area. I'm sure that many girls have chosen their swimming suit already in winter months. At the same time for those who haven't done it yet our post will gladly assist in tightening the searching net.

Here we'll told you in details about trending news in swim-suit for summer term 2019 and share some links on our beloved Aliexpress. With that in this article we'll show you particular items and for those who are interested in best swim-suit stores, we recommend to look through our previous post.

The designers offer us the top-spot swim-suits with decoration, trinkets, trimmings and fringes either on the top or on the bottom part of particular suit. The same decors can be not only on two-piece but on single models as well. And the variety of color schemes can definitely blow once mind!

Among the most popular of selected prints here we provide some hits.


One of the most attractive picture options for a swimsuit. Different types of leafs combined with tropical flowers have indeed magnet lots of adulatory gazes. Men really like it. But you have to shoose it, if you body lets to wear it. In another case you will look rather strange.







Animal prints

They have no less success as tropics. Leopards, tigers, zebras, snakes and others are very popular now. Thus this option fits not all girls, while wearing on the beach it can add much confidence to its owner. Try to choose bright print to stay popular. There are different animals. Moreover, some shops propose to use your own print. You need send it to get the result.







Small dots

One of the prints most girls enjoy wearing. Despite the simplicity don't put these models aside. The «polka-dot pattern» swimsuit looks very-very nice. It also can provide the huge variety of tone and color scheme to choose. Dots are always on the Top. So, if you take the dress, you could wear it easily without thinking about fashion streams. Just keep in mind to the color of the dots.





Ornaments and geometry shapes

The pattern is also very popular now among girls. The combinations of waves, diamonds, zigzags, stripes and other different elements can form very unusual images on a tissue. Often the color scheme can be a bit crazy, but it doesn't spoil the print at all. And it definitely won't spoil girl's image in such suits on a sea shore.





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Besides the presented, the other swimsuits also look very pretty. They are swim-suits with different rips, lacing, deep décolletage or high waistline, the can be with one-shoulder stripe or in sport-model style. Perfect models for many women, who like sport.

Color gamma that provided by the designers include single tone or nude colors, like pink, mint, white or mild-blue. The standard stripe print is also nice in different variation. That's why you could easily find something for you.

But most importantly is always to choose the swim-suit correctly in accordance with you type of figure. The approach allows to harmonically combine the suite with body forms and to highlight all the advantageous. The shortcomings, if there are any, will be perfectly concealed. That's why you have to choose it in compliance with your own preferences. Don't forget anout your body. Everything should look sexy, but not strage.

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