White women's shorts at Aliexpress: how to choose and what to combine

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Modern designers offer women a huge range of all sorts of shorts for different purposes. It is necessary to look through the what you can wear with white shorts. Moreover, here you will find some tips and examples, and even links from AliExpress. Those people, who like these fashion trends, can buy them immediately.

Military Style


Modern fashion uses a mix of looks, but the military style is still relevant. Practical fabrics, a loose fit and a lot of pockets make these shorts very comfortable for outdoor activities. The favorite colors of this direction are protective, cream, black, sand, milk, gray-black, brown and snow-white.

The combination of natural shades, fabrics and universal style wedged into the fashionable looks of white shorts. Since ancient times, all varieties of white can be combined with any color of a rich palette. The versatility of this shade is proven. Sure, it would be difficult to work in your garden in snow-white military shorts, but it would be perfect for a picnic or active shopping.







Pin-Up Style


Interest has returned to the feminine pin-up style, which is perfect for walking in the suburb, romantic dates, and fun time. There are different demands for the cut of such shorts. The top models are considered to be tight shorts with a high waist and a shortened side seam (similar to tight underwear). Shorts-panties are really popular today.

It is better to choose the natural fabrics. The first reason for this choice is hygiene, hygroscopicity and beneficial effects on the skin. The clothes are for summer. The next reason is the aesthetics of the edge, which is emphasized by non-artificial fabrics: cotton, denim, linen, canvas, and others.







A-la Grange


Many people are happy to wear shabby things a la grange. Clothing in this style is made of bleached jeans, leaving the product careless. In this case shorts have a really minimum length.







Stylist's Advice

We must remember about the treachery of the white color. It visually increases the volume of the figure. For this reason, full-bodied ladies should wear it really carefully. You should focus on the length and width of the model, and density of the material. Elongated pants similar to a skirt-shorts are the most acceptable option for crumpets.


What Should I Wear Shorts With?

According to the tendency thay bathing shorts are mostly leisure and entertainment clothing, they can be worn with any t-shirts in various shades and prints. It would be perfect for women with fragile figures, tops with a cross stripe will look perfect, evoking thoughts of the sea.

It should be noted that white shorts are perfect not only slender women. Fat women should not neglect this type of clothing. However, you need to take into account the advice of stylists. So, you have to hide the flaws of the figure harmoniously while choosing attributes and accessories of the rest of the wardrobe. It is necessary to choose blouses and tops that hide the shortcomings of the figure. A spacious jumper made of fine knitwear, a lightweight loose jacket or a denim shirt will perfectly cope with the task.

In order to balance the line of the hips in relation to the top, women of large sizes should purchase a wide braided belt. It will look great on the hips over a cotton shirt of a simple cut. As an accessory, you also need a bulky reticule or backpack. A curvy lady should not avoid large jewelry.


How to Choose the Right Shoes?

Shoes should be chosen in compliance with the length of shorts. The shorter they are – the lower the heel.

A loose cropped product with pinches is combined with shoes on a low platform.


Mini-shorts, which are narrowed at the hips, are completed with shoes on a low go-heel and wedge. It will make the appearance challenging.


Elongated Bermuda shorts are great with flat shoes, with the exception of athletic shoes.


While creating an elegant romantic bow, you can still ignore the generally accepted rules and stand on a thin high heel, which will help you attract men’s attention.


Don’t forget to experiment. Don't be afraid to bring something new. But do not forget to take into account the features of your figure. Clothing, first of all, should emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages.

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