TOP 10 clothing stores for women at Aliexpress

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 AliExpress is one of the most popular trade platforms in all over the world. It is so due to the price for the goods. The quality of it was rather low earlier but today the situation is different. The manufacturers are interested in high quality items, because customers can easily buy on another trade platform.

The main strategy is to make customers buy in approved shops. That's why Ali shows weather the shop approved or not. It is a new feature, which is rather useful. The best traders launch their own brands. They manufacture the products and they can declare that the quality is really high. If you have dispute, the traders can deal with you faster. They are ready to pay compensation or to send a new good. So, cooperation with the best sellers is the safest way for shopping on AliExpress. I propose you to cooperate with my list of chinese clothing stores for women. They sell cheap and high quality clothes.

If you want the same cool items but these list don't fit you, look at our other list with plus-size clothing stores. Quality and design are also very nice. 

For our favorite men, there are men's clothing stores.

Here you will find a lot of outwear for women. Assortments for men is a few. But you may also find shops for men. I propose to cooperate with shops with a rate of 98% and more than 15000 deals.

10. Vero Moda


It is quite a famous brand both on Aliexpress and abroad. Here you will find high quality products and average price. Here you can buy both summer and winter clothes, including jackets and coats.


9. GCAROL Official Store


That is one of the first shops on Ali. It is saving high rate during 8 years. I like the seller and usually buy something here. Quality is high and price is low.


8. Only


I call the seller harmful because he doesn’t work with several nations. He spends items not to Worldwide. I often find great clothing, which I can’t purchase here and I feel sad. You will definitely find many goods to wear it every day. Here are chic products too. According to reviews, sizes are equal to standards.


7. Amii official store


If you love dressing up and down, Amyi is definitely for you. Restraint and elegance are clearly expressed in the design of clothes. Clear lines of things show all the seriousness with which this brand approaches its clothes. By the way, he was seen at high fashion shows. I think that says a lot. Produces both casual and office wear. There are summer clothes and, of course, upper ones, which make up a little less than half.


6. Mishow Apparel Store


I know the shop very well. Goods have a great quality. In spite of a fact that the seller was launched a year ago, it has more than 10 000 deals. And it needs time to become the best on AliExpress.


5. ShaGen Store


here are many T-shirts in the store. You can find items with the unique prints, which are in the assortment of the shop only. The price is really low. Most of T-shirts are unisex and sizes from S to XXXL.


4. sherhure Official Store


That is modern shop, which can propose excellent high quality items. They are equal to the price. Assortment is huge. That’s why you may find clothing of different styles. There are different sizes. Usually it is from XXL to XXXL.


3. EAM Official Store


The seller with the most informal clothing in the TOP list. Most of the products resemble the outfits of the future, that’s why you can think that era of cyberpunk has come. I wouldn't be surprised if these guys were just ahead of their time. By the way, according by the number of sales, which is 100,000+, people definitely like these products.


2. INMAN Official Store


The shop works with the only manufacturer and that is INMAN. People, who follow me for a long time, know about my favorite coat from the shop. I do know the quality of the vendor and I satisfied with it. The manufacturer focuses on details. Just keep in mind that all items are made for Chinese girls. That’s why you have to discuss with seller weather the current good would be good for you. Also it has many interesting womens dresses.


1. Toyouth


The shop sells a lot of goods for youth. Most of them are made in casual style. There are many comfortable clothing with fashion elements. It makes the goods popular today. Rate of the shop could increase fast for 2 years. It means the seller is good and quality is rather high. So, you can choose something here without any risk.



I would like to add two more shops, which are out of the TOP list. They are rather trustful on AliExpress. Unfortunately, its rate decreased and the companies don’t satisfy our standards any more. But many users know the stores and I would like to say that I remember it too.

Simplee Apparel


Ali is a fairly well-known brand. But recently, his rating has been falling rapidly. If you study the reviews, then there are many complaints about the quality of things. Perhaps the seller began to harshly hack. Before buying a thing, carefully read what is written under the product.



In our time, good branded things on aliexpress do not come across so often. So, I will be glad if this TOP has brought benefits to you, and helped to find great sellers. If you liked this compilation, you can see another article "TOP outerwear stores for women".

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Great compilation. Thank you! :-3
19 January 2018, 19:03
Milk Shake
Milk Shake
Milk Shake
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