11.11 at Aliexpress 2021: biggest sale review and Promocodes

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11.11 is the greatest Aliexpress sale in the year. Real discounts, profitable coupons and promo codes occur just here. Unfortunately, not all sellers treat it in good faith. Below you will find the instruction on how and where you can get real discounts.

Sale Home Page: aliexpress.com/global-shopping-festival-2021


Dates and stages

  • Warm up: October 28, 00:00 to November 10, 23:59 (PST)
  • Sale: November 11, 00:00 to November 12, 23:59 (PST)

How to Save Money with 11.11 Sale?

Add products to the cart during the "warm-up"

Firstly, all coupons and promo codes are limited in quantity. Customers can use it just at the very beginning of the campaign on November, 11. You need to place an order quickly to get a chance to use the coupons. Don’t waste time, try to save it while doing something before the sale starts. So, you can put all products you are interested in into the basket.

Secondly, usually coins are given for adding products to the basket (Coins on Aliexpress). Then you can exchange it for coupons. We couldn’t find coins on the first day of the warm-up. Perhaps this feature has not been added yet. We will make changes the data in the article while something new will become available.

Aliexpress Coupons

It can be applied to any goods without restrictions. They can be found not only during sales (What is Aliexpress coupons). Customers can get coupons in the following way:

  • In the mobile app. It can be found on different pages from time to time. Almost always customers can find a coupon in "My profile" section.
  • There are three draws with a limited number on the coupon center page: So, it is possible to get coupons at 11.00 on October, 28, 29 and 30. There will be three coupons for $5 out of $10. The quantity of them is 500 only. So, hurry up to take it!
  • On the "Coins and coupons" page. Customers can change it into the coins.

Store Coupons

According to the name, it becomes clear that they can be applied in a specific store for some amount. You can take them:

  • on the promotional page of stores;
  • in the coupon center (here they are all year round and you can take them at any time);
  • in the MoneyHop game (Aliexpress offers several really profitable coupons here).

Spend and Save Money

This year Aliexpress promises an unusual discount from himself. Customers can get $3 of discount for every $30. Moreover, there are still different figures and conditions, it is better to read the Spend and Save Guide.

Promo codes

It is the clearest type of discounts. Many customers like it and use actively. Promo codes can be divided into two types:

  • For a specific product only. It is usually located directly under the product, if it is there.
  • For absolutely any product. The main thing is to comply with the minimum cost condition. Do not forget that you can apply either an Aliexpress coupon or a promo code to one purchase. You can't use them together!

Promo codes are combined only with store coupons.

All buyers exclude RU,CIS, FR, ES, FR, PL, KR, SA, BR (11-13 Nov)

  • 965DOUBLE11 — $9 off $65
  • 12100DOUBLE — $12 off $100
  • 18150DOUBLE — $18 off $150
  • 23190DOUBLE — $23 off $190
  • 30250DOUBLE — $30 off $250

For PL, DE, BL, IT, PT, NL (11-13 Nov)

  • FAST18GO — €18 off €150
  • FAST30GO — €30 off €250
  • FAST35GO — €35 off €300

For Brazil (11-13 Nov)

  • D11liquida — BRL 50 off BRL 280
  • D11compre — BRL 85 off BRL 565
  • D11ganhamais — BRL 170 off BRL 1170
  • D11useagora — BRL 250 off BRL 1700
  • 1111BRL30 — $30 off $200
  • 1111BRL40 — $40 off $280
  • 1111BRL60 — $60 off $450
  • 1111BRL85 — $85 off $850
  • 1111BRL170 — $170 off $1420

For France (11-13 Nov)

  • 11AE08 — €8 off €50
  • 11AE11 — €11 off €70
  • 11AE15 — €15 off €110
  • 11AE22 — €22 off €150
  • 11AE30 — €30 off €199
  • 11AE45 — €45 off €299
  • 11AE60 — €60 off €399

For Poland (11-13 Nov)

  • PLDOUBLE283 — €3 off €28
  • PLDOUBLE588 — €8 off €58
  • AEPROMO — $2 off $20
  • OFERTY11 — $3 off $28
  • ZAGROSZE11 — $6 off $48
  • ZNIZKA — $8 off $58
  • ALIPROMOCJA — $9 off $70
  • AEPROMO2021 — $15 off $120
  • 2021ALI1111 — $25 off $50 (200 pcs only)
  • ALIPREZENTY — $25 off $50 (200 pcs only)

For Spain (11-13 Nov)

  • ESD114 — €4 off €30
  • ESD119 — €9 off €60
  • ESD1115 — €15 off €100
  • D11ES16 — €16 off €80
  • ESD1118 — €18 off €120
  • ESD1129 — €29 off €190
  • ESD1143 — €43 off €290
  • D11ES50 — €50 off €250

For South Africa (11-13 Nov)

  • SADOUBLE2 — $2.6 off $18.1
  • SADOUBLE3 — $3.9 off $25.9
  • SADOUBLE7 — $7.8 off $51.9
  • SADOUBLE11 — $11.7 off $77.9
  • SADOUBLE19 — $19.5 off $129.8

For Korea (11-13 Nov)

  • KR12 — $5 off $50
  • KR14 — $7 off $70
  • KR15 — $8 off $80
  • KR17 — $10 off $100

Fake Discounts and Trustworthy Sellers

The most common practice of stores is to increase the price in 3-4 weeks before 11.11, and then decrease it during the promotion up to the common rate and declare about the discount. This happens all the time on Aliexpress. Even famous sellers began to do this, but "TOP brands" rare follow the practice. We constantly keep a list of such stores in different topics by the hash tag #TOP stores. Open it and feel free to see the necessary information to purchase high quality goods with great discounts.

To be sure to see products with real discounts, open not just the catalog, but the promotional page 11.11. Every seller has it in the menu.

«MoneyHop» Game


Your task is to move by jumping from one cube to another. If you get past it, you will lose. The more you pass, the more points and prizes you will get. The prizes are profitable store coupons and coins. As we wrote above, coins can then be exchanged for Aliexpress coupons.

Game link: aliexpress.com/MoneyHop

Useful pages

Top Brands


Here you will find the most popular products. The list is generated in compliance with your preferences.

Page link: aliexpress.com/TopBrands 

Fast Shipping


Aliexpress has warehouses in several European countries. If you live there, you can get goods really fast. So, warehouses are in:

  • Poland;
  • Germany;
  • Belgium;
  • Italy;
  • Portugal;
  • Netherlands.

Page link: aliexpress.com/Fast_Shipping

Shopping Guide

There are really more different pages on sale. They didn't seem particularly interesting to us, but if you want to see the whole list, just open the official Shopping Guide. There is everything there.

Also see new article with 20 Most Popular Women's products at 11.11 Warm-Up.


Unfortunately, no one gives discounts for free. You will need to compete for all discounts you need and want to get. But 11.11 really helps to save money. You need to work up and beat yourself up with various bonuses to do this.

The article will still be updated and supplemented soon. Come here from time to time so as not to miss anything new and important. We will also write about every update of the article in our Telegram channel. Don't forget to subscribe to it too.

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