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Aliexpress is always replete with cool and cutie goods so just you couldn’t resist buying them. It’s true that China knows how to produce nice things and Ali has proven us so not once. This time I’ve set the post of 10 nice and cutie items for home décor for you to obtain. In establishing the list I’ve based not just on the items’ image but on its seller’s rate and the trust level. With that, off we go!

Pinky flamingo from MizStudio

Розовые фламинго от MizStudio

Despite the Miz store’s appeared on Ali just recently, it has already subdued clients’ hearts. The best demonstration is the number of followers, who’ve added the store in their “favorites”. Indeed, no one resists the cuties of that store. Miz’s pinky flamingos represent great addition both to modern and classic interior. They could be embedded nicely at any room of your house and bring a lot positive emotions to your guests and relatives.


Ceramic containers

Организационная коробочка для ватных дисков и палочек

Comes also from the Miz store, the following definitely will be not only nicely-looked décor element but quite a useful tool as well. It has a certain area-organizing function which is very important nowadays. One can use it to store the jewelry or place it in the kitchen to keep salt or sugar. You have to admit this décor element is indeed very interesting. 


Birdy-cage designed candleholder

Подсвечник в виде клеток для птичек

It’s just impossible to pass by such a lovely and cutie item. It looks so sweet and nice. And it’s definitely the must-have item for shabby chic or romantic interior design style. You can place it in every room of the house. According to the feedbacks, many clients are pleased with their purchase.


Cutie cups

Кружки милашки

On Ali there is a great variety of crockery in different styles, size and colors. And all the items are very creative. Still the cuteness of these cups is just awesome. It seems that this funny smiling cup is going to talk to you. Or, who knows, maybe I’ve watched too much cartoons?!


Little carpet

Милый коврик мишка

Just couldn’t overlook this cutie little carpet! It’s looked so pretty in the presented space so even I, grow-up person, decided to buy it. Maybe the deal is not only in the item itself, but in its correct inclusion in the interior. This very nice carpet suits quite well a kind’s room, especially if’s decorated in Scandinavian style.


Animal-designed ceramic plates

Керамические тарелки в виде разных животных

These plates took the attraction immediately because of their unusual animal-looked form. The plates won’t only make children happy but also may surprise adults with their cuteness. Every festive dinner whether it’s a children’s party or corporate celebration will be even more bright and pretty with such crockery. Up to me they are very touching. Think to buy one or two for myself!


Designed glass holders

Подставка для очков в виде Оленя

Подставка для очков в виде зайчика

Indeed I’ve never seen such glass-holders, as I’ve never imagined that they could be designed in such forms. And this is despite I’m quite a creative person. They are right in saying that even when you do something good there is always someone in Asia, who will do it better. True that their creativity is outstanding in every aspect. These holders are absolutely awesome. In the first moment you even do not understand what it is. The pets are so-so cute!


Wood-crafted lashes for walls

Деревянные реснички

The presented title doesn’t sound cute. Even scary, I may say. But in reality the item is very nice. You can see these decorative lashes on the walls almost in every kid’s room, designed in Scandinavian style. The item is simple but it can add to your design project some interesting and even philosophical ideas. 


Swan-designed pillows

Подушки в виде Лебедей

These swan-looking pillows are so cute and look unbelievably nice and gentle. The swan itself is a very symbolical bird, and so will be the pillows designed in the form. This is quite a deep and symbolic idea as well. Usually people who purchase items like these are very kind and fair, they know how to dream and follow the dreams, even if they are just elusive.


Cutie plastic packs for delights

пластиковые пакетики для сладостей

Even when I believe that I know the entire Aliexpress assortment, it finds the way to surprise me with new interesting items, I’ve never imagined I’d expected to see. It’s happened with these plastic packs. You cannot deny they are cute, can you? These little packs are best to keep your sweet presents. They are ingeniously simple but very-very cute.


I hope you enjoy my cutie décor set for your house. I also have nice list of Scandinavian style décor items. Later I will prepare for you something like this. So don’t forget to visit my blog. And subscribe on my pages on social networks as well. With that you won’t miss anything for sure.

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