Top 10 beauty gadgets at Aliexpress

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On Aliexpress one can benefit not only from purchasing clothes, shoes or accessories, but from buying vary technique as well. Good example is so-called beauty gadgets. 

Our articles give a lot of info about make-up, so we’ve decided to expand this topic and prepared for you the list of cool beauty tools that could be easily applied at home.

Nail drill machine


If you don’t want to spoil your nail or even to hurt yourself, the gadget for house-manicure should be cheap. The more expensive the tool, the longer it will serve you. Such nail mailing-cutter makes the nail preparation process easier for the following gel-manicure decoration.


UV nail lamp


The gel-manicure not only makes your nail look beautiful but also protect them from external damages. You can achieve good results with qualified UV-light that will dry the gel and fasten it on the nail surface.


Facial cleansing brush


Another important beauty gadget is a mild face-skin pilling tool, which can improve the skin-condition of any type. Thanks to the special removable nozzle-brushes, one can clean the black spots, dirty and comedones, level the skin tone and make the surface smooth and clean.




If the health problem lies not outside, but inside your body it will be not enough to just clean the skin surface. In this case you can apply the gadget called darsonval. It heals both the face and head skin. The skin surface is affected by small level electricity with high frequency. In reality it looks like microscopic bolts of lightning. The darsonval current influences on vascular, lymphatic and peripheral nerve systems and assist to deal with different cosmetic issues.


Makeup brush cleaner machine


Usually routine ways of cleaning brushes are quite slow, ineffective and not hygienic. Besides that, often they can spoil the look and functional capability of the brush. The following tool is made to eradicate all the microbes and clean the brushes like special antibacterial measures. But also the tool advantage is that after application all the brushes will be absolutely dry and ready.


Wax melting machine


The beauty should be not only visible. Sometimes one can even feel it. The popularity of this tool is not only in its speedy warming-up. One can use it many times. And it allows women to stuck traditional razors and even epilators in a crawl space.


Laser hair removal machine


Laser epilator is a tool that completely eradicates tiny hairs by the focusing cauterizing method. The models of this instrument are different as on the market they are available both in professional stationary setting and portative, which can be used for depilation process at home.


Steam hair straightener


Such steaming iron for hairs has already become indispensable for many ladies. Also the professionals recommend them this method of hair straightening. During the processing the tools’ surface allocates heat uniformly, and thanks to the glass-ceramic material, it glides smoothly on the hairs. With that it allows to avoid any hair damages.


Portable dental water flosser


It is a modern device to maintain the hygienic level of your tooth on the top level. The irrigator is usually applied after the traditional tooth cleaning. It uses the high pressure thin water stream that clean interdental areas as well as the dentures if you have to wear them permanently.  

Dentists also recommend all the people to use the irrigators as its advantages are obvious. The results are: professional oral hygiene, fresh breath, less risk of different dental and gum infections.


Electric Toothbrush


The electric tooth brushes are also great opportunity to maintain your teeth and mouth health and beauty. Each year they become more and more popular in comparison to traditional “cheap” tooth brushes.


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