Autumn 2021 Anti-trends: new fashion products at Aliexpress

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We want to make all women stylish that’s why we write about modern trends of fashion. But some people don’t ready to purchase something new every season. Therefore, we offer another list: anti-trends of autumn 2021. We have also prepared for you links to current models from Aliexpress.

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Shiny Winter Coat

Three years ago it still looked very cool. Futuristic design and metallized materials were at the peak of popularity. And even now you can find shiny winter coats on sale. However, fashion has quickly changed its vector, and it is better to use more simple and practical clothes. Matte textures and laconic styles are on trend in 2021.



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Winter Coat with Print

Fashion is multifaceted, it has long-term trends, and there are one-day trends too. We also included winter coats with bright prints to the 2021 anti-trends. Firstly, such a thing can never become a basic model, it is difficult to combine it with other clothes and shoes. And such product looks somehow frivolous, childish.

It is better to use a beautiful down jacket in the oversize style. The clothes should be made of matte material. We suggest you get such a new thing for the autumn basic wardrobe.



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Tight-fitting Turtleneck

A simple basic turtleneck is a very convenient thing. It can be worn with skirts and trousers. People also wear it under a warm dress and combine the turtleneck with a jacket, a knitted cardigan. But in the autumn 2021 shows that it is a mistake to buy a turtleneck made of thin knitwear.

Oversize models are in trend now. Such turtlenecks look good with clothes in a casual style and do not look outdated. Stylists advise to purchase a pullover a size larger to achieve a fashionable effect.



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Wedge Shoes

We have carefully studied the latest trends of footwear in the world. Designers have presented such a variety of styles that it is even difficult to determine which models can now be considered as obsolete. The trend is a thin heel and a powerful sole, round and sharp socks of boots, cossacks and chelsea.

Some people believe that it is possible to wear whatever they want, and they will look relevant. But we could find anti-brand models – these are wedge shoes. Try to avoid such styles when you go to the store for shopping.



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Trousers With Stripes

These clothes are not exactly an anti-trend of 2021.Trousers with stripes are still worn, but the peak of their popularity has already passed. Models without lamps are considered more relevant:

  • Cullotes. 
  • Wide trousers of the Marlene type.
  • Classic models with a high fit at the waist.

We have no doubt that there are models with lamps in your wardrobe. We recommend upgrade it and use in casual and sporty looks. Wear them with a fashionable bomber jacket or with an oversize sweater.



trend 5 2


Hats with Pompoms, Rhinestones, Beads

It is a real problem of many women in summer: what to put on your head. If we have already described the nuances of outerwear, then it's not so easy to pick up fashionable hats. The fact is that outdated models are still being sold now.

We do not recommend to follow the easiest way – to wear something from last year. For instance, a hat with a pompom or rhinestones. Instead of it you should purchase a new model - a stylish beanie hat in neutral colors. As a result, it will become the basic thing in your autumn wardrobe.

What other alternatives do we offer? Try some interesting options: a fedora hat or an insulated leather scarf. These trends will make you popular this season.



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Maybe there is no need to through away some clothes from the anti-trend list. Each of them can be stylized in a new way, combining with something new.

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