Soon Pure hydrogel eye patches review

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I have never believed that the problem of swollen eyes and dark circles could be solved by hydrogel patches for the eyes. This problem usually is in the body, for example as kidney disease. But I have decided to experiment and try it.

I have choosen Soon Pure. It is much praised in the Internet. I've bought it in the Lady Hari store, it got into my top 10 stores who selling cosmetics. The link for the product will be at the end of the article.

I had the problem of tired eyes I was about 18 years old because there was lack of sleep and bad water. A few years ago I was found out that I have sand in my kidneys. By this reason I can explain the swollen eyes in the mornings and dark circles. Till I don’t started treating my problems I will hide the consequences.

flat lay hydrogel eye patches


One of the reasons that attracts buyers is "diamond pollen". I don’t think that it will help. But the composition of the patches is good. It has natural products that can affect the skin and solve the problem.

Main active ingredients

  • collagen
  • hyaluronic acid
  • retinol
  • grape seed extract

All these elements have a beneficial effect on the skin of the eyes. Also in the composition there is black mica, which gives this beautiful flicker. It looks incredible, like a starry sky, is not it?


Promises of the manufacturer

In the description of the product on Aliexpress it is written that these patches help with bags under the eyes, dark circles and mimic wrinkles.

My Results

These patches work well against bags and wrinkles, but as for the dark circles, I didn’t see a good result. The saddest thing is that the circles disappear to the outer corner of the eye, but closer to the bridge of the nose, they remain the same. Mimic wrinkles had disappeared and I was very surprised. I have only a few of them, which are visible only slightly, but even after using the patches it is not visible.

The result lasts about two days. But every day the problems are less visible. This is seen without the constant use of patches. If you use them regularly, you can get rid of wrinkles around the eyes completely for a while .


How much to keep hydrogel patches under the eyes

For complete absorption of substances into the skin it takes about an hour. I tried to keep them for different time. The first time I held about 20 minutes and it was not enough. The patches were still full of liquid. This means that the skin has not absorbed these substances yet. When I kept almost during an hour I took off them of my eyes almost dry. Maybe you will think that in the open air they could dry up because the moisture had evaporated. But I had done an experiment and left one patch in the room on a piece of plastic for half a day, and it almost stayed the same full of liquid and wet. After using the patches my eyes definitely had a good rest.

Hydrogel patch Soon pure


I recommend this product. If you have problems with swollen eyes and mimic wrinkles then these hydrogel patches will help you. But if your problems are caused due of illnesses of the body your result may differ from mine.

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