Top 10 Chinese skincare brands at Aliexpress

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Updated 14.10.2020

"Chinese cosmetics" is usually associated with distrust. We think it can harm the skin and health. But not all products from China are bad. In recent years their quality have improved. And some Chinese brands will become international leaders soon. These manufacturers can be found on Aliexpress. I have prepared this compilation to help you with the search.

During the update of the article, it turned out that there are no good stores in this sphere on Aliexpress. I have spent a lot of time to find several ones. I have found stores that will provide good service and will not disappoint you with delivery. As for the quality of products, there are still a couple of sellers who keep the brand on our list.

This TOP was made depending of the number of sales and estimates. These stores that has sold more than 2 000 items and they have estimates above 98% participate in this compilation.

If you need standart cosmetics only I have a list with best makeup sellers on aliexpress. There is a slightly more modest choice, but there are also some good products. 

10. NEUTRIHERBS Official Store


Here you can buy products of the brand NEUTRIHERBS, which is created on the basis of natural ingredients. Serums, creams, gels of good quality and the price is still acceptable.


9. RISE Makeup Store


There are products of various Chinese brands of caring cosmetics in the "mass-market" segment. Lanbena, Bioaqua, Laikou and others are here. The store constantly participates in sales and proposes different promotions. Their quality is equal to the price.


8. MABREM Official Store


The company sells products of the brand with the same name "Mabrem". You can purchase as a set of cosmetics, and just one product. The most popular product of this company is a deodorant spray with the effect of bleaching the armpits, which appear as a result of using low-quality deodorants with ethanol. According to the reviews, the good is really effective.


7. Beautiful Life SkinCare Store


It sells branded cosmetics "Odeo". I am sure that Aliexpress customers have tried this brand at least once. I have also used some products for hair and I like it.


6. efero Official Store


Efero has become famous for its great assortment of high quality fabric masks. There are nourishing masks with avocado, collagen, multivitamins, enzymes and others. Masks are sold individually. You can also purchase the cream and socks for the Express pedicure.


5. HANAJIRUSHI Official Store


I think this store is one of the best in the TOP list, and it could be the first if there are more sales by the time of writing the article. I like it for its products and quality. It doesn't promise a lot, but the products are very effective. Reviews of admiring customers can be the proof.


4. KONMISON Official Store


The main product of the store is beauty devices. However, as a related product, you can also find high-quality caring cosmetics, as well as cartridges for injections.


3. mask for the faces Store


Here, as in many other stores, there are a lot of products of different brands as Bioaqua and VGA, but most often is Aichun. These products won fans of Chinese cosmetics with their quality.


2. MeiYanQiong Official Store


This cosmetic is very famous on Aliexpress and it is equal to the Odeo. However, the quality is significantly higher despite the fact that the prices are about the same. Many fans of testing Chinese products will undoubtedly call this store the best on Aliexpress.


1. PB Store


The store is focused on face massagers made of natural stones. But you can find some cosmetics among them. Prices are a bit higher than in the shops above, but I hope the quality equal to the price. I haven't tried their products myself. By the way, you won't find the brands of the store somewhere else.


Not all manufacturers of cosmetics make their products qualitatively. So it is very difficult for a buyer to understand what Aliexpress offers us. I will be glad if my TOP Brands of Chinese Caring Cosmetics will help you to make this difficult choice. Good luck with your purchases. Always your Milkshake.


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