Pink Gcarol dress at Aliexpress review

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Today I want to share my thoughts on a very cool Gcarol dress from Aliexpress. At first when I bought that dress, I was indifferent to it. I've purchased it only cause other girls had the similar dress with embroidery and I hadn't. It ain't right! Anyway, the principal reason I've bought the dress was its very beautiful embroidery. Thus there were some other models at the store I chose that one because it wasn't in blue. I really had enough of blue ribbon. How long do I have to wear the blue only?

While purchasing the dress I even didn't pay attention to its length. Perhaps if I did it at the very beginning I wouldn't have bought the dress at all. I could think that it just wasn't my size. Then it would have become a mistake. I got in love with this model at the moment of trying. I was charmed immediately and forever.



The dressy is very nice. All the fabric stiches are flat with strong threads. Everything is on its place. No claim to the factory. The dress made also with overlock machine. Everything is made correctly and neatly. There were only 3 sticking out thread, but they were very short. About 1,5 sm. I've cut them off easily.

There was no any smell. The material of the dress is a mixture of cotton and synthetic. And it gives one of the advantages as the dress keeps its bell-like shape. The tissue is a bit see-through if one looks very attentively. With the correct set of underwear nothing will be seen at all. The dress is easy to iron. However it takes quite much time to do it. So many tissues it has. And so when you finish ironing one part another has already got wrinkle. And it is very annoying as I have no comfortable place to iron long dresses. At the same time the dress doesn't get wrinkle fast when you wear it. The color is something between light-pink and watermelon-pink.







What makes that dress pretty is embroidery. It was exactly its beauty that caught my attention. I thought its style was unique as I hadn't seen it on the other clothes. The embroidery is made on the tissue. The handwork is neat and without any undue thread.

It's not an application but the real in-tissue embroidery. On the backside it looks almost the same as on the front, but with few natural knots. So this dress is truly decent model that looks classy and elegant.





Another advantageous feature of that dress was unbelievably beautiful design of the back, thus I didn't pay attention to it while I was buying the model. And as I prefer not to take open-back dresses it could have become the second argument to reject the purchase. But as well as it was in the case with the length, I didn't notice the issue and add the dress to my cart. It was the situation when inattention was indeed good.



I've bought S-size. The cloth fits the description size schedule. At breast it's absolutely my form, thus the waistline is a bit wider. So on photo I wear little strap as well. With it the dress really looks better. As it has already been said I didn't pay enough attention to the length. Precisely speaking I knew it but couldn't imagine that on me it would be up to the mid of my calf. I didn't even think to measure how many it would be those 112 sm. When I received the dress I thought it would be too long for me and it wouldn't have a pretty look. However I was wrong and that length fit me very well.





Sure it's worthy to share one another photo so you could see the design of the back.



Making the conclusion I've not thought that I would receive such a cool dress from Aliexpress. And it feels indeed very good when you didn't expect anything special and instead you get something you will enjoy in the future. So this story shows that Aliexpress can surprise you. That is why I will always make purchases on Ali, thanks to these moments when you don't know what to expect. Yes, I like risk cause sometimes it works at its best!

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