Big Summer Sale “End of season” on Aliexpress: how to get real discounts

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Summer is coming to an end and, but Aliexpress has announced a major summer sale, in compliance with the tradition. It is the 2nd greatest sale after 11.11. You should not trust these discounts, but coupons and promo codes will really help you save money. Let's look in details at what to expect from this action.

Dates and stages

  • Warm-up: August 18 – 22, 23:59 (PT)
  • Sale: August 23, 00:00 (PT) — August 27, 23:59 (PT)

Main sale page:


How to get real discounts

Adding items to the cart during warm-up

You won’t get any discounts for this, but it will give you the opportunity to purchase products while using promo codes from the first minutes of the sale. Their number is always limited and most of them end immediately at the start. Therefore, add products to the basket in advance to save time and get a chance for getting real promo codes.

Store coupons

They can be found and used all year round. They are located in the following places:


Recently, they have become the main source of discounts on Aliexpress, both during sales and on regular days. To learn more about them, read our article What are Promo Codes. We also try to keep an up-to-date list there and constantly update it.

All buyers exclude JV, KR, ES, FR, BR,CIS (August 23-28)

  • EOSSAFF7 — 7$ из 50$
  • EOSSAFF13 — 13$ из 110$
  • EOSSAFF18 — 18$ из 150$
  • EOSSAFF23 — 23$ из 190$
  • EOSSAFF30 — 30$ из 250$

For new buyers exclude CIS (to 01.10.2021)

  • UKR444 — 3$ из 4$

For Spain (August 23-28)

  • EOSSES9 — €9 OFF €60
  • EOSSES12 — €12 OFF €80
  • EOSSES15 — €15 OFF €100
  • EOSSES18 — €18 OFF €120
  • EOSSES43 — €43 OFF €290
  • EOSSES20 — €20 OFF €100

For France (August 23-28)

  • EOSSFR07 — €7 OFF €50
  • EOSSFR10 — €10 OFF €80
  • EOSSFR13 — €13 OFF €110
  • EOSSFR25 — €25 OFF €200
  • EOSSFR30 — €30 OFF €250
  • EOSSFR35 — €35 OFF €300
  • EOSSFR40 — €40 OFF €400

For Brazil (August 23-28)

  • EOSSBR7 — $7 OFF $50
  • EOSSBR11ss — $11 OFF $90
  • EOSSBR22ss — $22 OFF $199
  • EOBR29 — $29 OFF $299

For Saudi Arabia (August 23-28)

  • EOSS1SA8 — $7.8 OFF $52 
  • EOSS2SA8 — $7.8 OFF $65

For Poland (August 23-28)

  • EOSSPL6 — $6 OFF $46
  • EOSSPL3 — $3 OFF $28

For Korea (August 23-28)

  • EOSSKR5 — $5 OFF $50
  • EOSSKR7 — $7 OFF $70
  • EOSSKR8 — $8 OFF $80

Buy from trusted sellers

Aliexpress does not sell anything to you personally. Independent sellers trade on the site. There can be both large and decent brands, and even unknown entrepreneurs who just start the business. You should deal with rating verified stores to avoid unpleasant situations. We have been creating a list of such stores by the hash tag #TOP stores for a long time and keep them up to date. So look at the selection of the best products in the category that is interesting for you.

Sale pages

Top Brands


Here you will find the most popular and high-quality brands that are on Aliexpress. If you do not want to take risks and purchase no-name products, then you are here.

Page link:

Fast shipping


There are goods here that are located in warehouses, which is not far from you. Buying here you will receive the goods in a maximum of 3 to 15 days.

Page link:

World Premiere in Stock

Several major Chinese smartphone brands have been presenting their new devices for several sales in a row. And only during this period you can get a good low price. As practice has shown, immediately after the sale, prices soar up to 30% and fall only on the next sale. Therefore, if you want to buy a new device, you need to do it now. Moreover, there are a bunch of good working promo codes. Don't miss this time.

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