10+ stylish women T-shirts at Aliexpress

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Girls associate spring with freshness and romance. The sun is beginning to shine stronger, the weather forecast is increasingly causing a smile, that’s why warm clothes are becoming less necessary.

The question is: "What clothes will look win-win at this time of year?". Do not say the typical "I have nothing to wear!», you have no idea how wrong that answer is. The most practical spring option is a T-shirt. Yes, you read it correctly. That is the most ordinary ones that we wear every day. But it is really important to know which T-shirts are in fashion now.

We have collected several options for how casual clothing can be turned into a stylish bow in the article. All t-shirts are selected on Aliexpress. Tha goods have a high quality and the price is average. Well, let's get started!


White, beige and black are classic colors. Fuchsia, neon, coral and deep blue are in fashion now. You can create a unique bow every day with such a wide choice of colors, while combining t-shirts with jeans and skirts of different lengths.


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With Straps

What could be more delicate than a satin tank top with straps that accentuates women's shoulders? Right! The combination with trousers and shoes with a small heel would be perfect. You are provided with not just a business and stylish appearance, but also an elegant and elegant image.


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With Prints

These t-shirts show your determination. Bright, floral prints look creative and colorful models help to stand out from the crowd. Ladies, who prefer this style of clothing, are not afraid to be the center of attention.


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With Letters

The letters on a t-shirt always attracts attention. You want to stop and read it. Therefore, the emphasis in this image is made at the top. It is better to choose classic color models, and the letters in Russian or English. Don't forget that this t-shirt is tucked in if you want to wear it with a skirt.


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В прошлом веке были предназначены только для мужчин, но 90-е года показали, что поло смотрится и на женщинах, причем очень эффектно. Футболки-поло отличаются своей практичностью. Подходят и для спортивных мероприятий, и для вечерних прогулок по городу в компании друзей. Поло сочетается с летними льняными брюками и босоножками.


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Plunging Neckline

A cut-out t-shirt has become one of the options for everyday wear. The V-neck is a sensuous trend of the season. T-shirts, that reveal only the collarbones show men women's beauty, are on the TOP today. Such clothing is suitable for slender ladies of model appearance, and girls with rounded shapes will appreciate it too.


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T-shirt Dress

Elongated t-shirts are a truly unique solution. There is no matter what type of figure you have. It will hide any disadvantages and give your look extravagance and light. Depending on the length of this t-shirt, you can solve how to wear it: either as a regular dress, or with jeans.


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Shortened T-shirts

Shortened t-shirts, so-called tops, can emphasize the perfect figure. Sure, these models are more appropriate to wear in warm weather. But it is possible to use in spring too, while putting a jacket on the top. But it is necessary to wear jeans with a high fit. In this case you can create a stylish feminine look.


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If you want to update your wardrobe, but you don't know where to start, try starting with ordinary everyday clothes, such as t-shirts. When you choose different options, rely on your preferences, and Aliexpress will help you to choose reliable high-quality products. Don't be afraid to try new styles. The new season should start with changes!

To collect a full-fledged spring-summer look, we recommend to look through our TOP list of jeans. You will be provided with everyday outfits with it.

Tell us, what type of t-shirts do you like? What colors do you prefer: classic or bright?

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