10 summer 2020 trendy products at Aliexpress

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Summer is going on! Just air conditioning and ice cream from the fridge can save you from the overheating. The idea of going out for a walk in the daytime makes you crazy, and your body resists to avoid getting sunstroke.

But summer evenings really differ from days. The thermometer shows a lower temperature, and the air becomes cool and fresh. This is where the desire to stroll with friends comes in.

Leave your sports shorts and T-shirt for the gym or a trip to the river, because we will talk about the fashion trends of this summer in this article. Selected goods from Aliexpress have an excellent quality and its price is good. So, let’s see the trends of the season!

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White Top

Stylists have included the top in the woman's summer wardrobe. Moreover, white the color is not so sensitive to the sun as black. Tops can be combined with high-rise items, such as trousers or high-waisted skirts.



Neon Look

Neon is on the TOP of summer fashion trends! The color itself has a strong energy that charges the "hostess" with positive and optimism. Total bow may look too provocative, but if you add one element of neon color to your look, you will be really popular.



Maxi Skirt

A floor-length skirt is an integral part of a stylish outfit. It is suitable for everyday wearing, business, and romantic meetings. Girls, pay attention to the skirt with a smell. It is perfectly combined with light blouses and adds sophistication.



Open Shoulders

Nude shoulders look sexy and it will add a zest to your look and make men looking for you. Most manufacturers propose tops, but in stores you can find light dresses and blouses, which will look fascinating with flat sandals or denim shorts.



Sandals With a Small Heel

Women's legs are attractive and unique, there are no identical ones in nature. The elegant and neat sandals will make your legs more attractive easily. A small square heel is famous for its stability and ability to convey naturalness. The maxi skirt, considered just above, is exactly in harmony with such shoes.



Medium-Length Shorts or Cycling Shoes

Absolutely all girls of any age and type of figure wore bicycles in the 90's. But a little later, this type of clothing lost demand. But now the elastic shorts reached their peak of demand again. Ladies wear it not only with sweatshirts or t-shirts, but also with jackets.



Floral Print

Solid color is a classic. But don't be afraid to experiment and to be bright. Clothing with floral prints is designed to create intricate images. You can find your favorite things, whether it's dresses, t-shirts or hoodies, and feel comfortable and confident.



Satin or Silk Dress With Straps

This is a look of a gentle lady that will remain in your memory forever. It is customary to wear high-heeled shoes with ties and take a miniature purse with you with this dress. The fabric is quite light and very pleasant to the touch, which conveys naturalness and sexuality at the same time.



Ring Earrings

So, now we will describe accessories! It is becoming more and more relevant to show the neck in the age of fashionable hairstyles, styling with gel and varnish or just ordinary bunches on an elastic band. Earrings in the form of rings allow you to accentuate and visually stretch your neck. You can choose the color and size of the jewelry by yourself, as long as it is not hard for your ears. If you want more, check out our stylish rings list.



Waist Bag

If you think that they look cheap and tasteless, then you are very wrong. These handbags create a seductive accent on the waist, emphasize it, and accommodate the most necessary goods in one place. 



According to the song, “summer is a small life”. Therefore, allow yourself to be happy, appreciate every moment and live it to your satisfaction. Even such small things as stylish accessories or new shoes will help you to be filled with female energy and attract all the best in your life.

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Tell us how often you purchase something on Aliexpress? What's new in your wardrobe this summer? 

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