Aliexpress coins. What is it and how to get them free

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Few years ago Aliexpress presented an update in the form of special coins. And still many have no clear understanding of what it is and why do they need. In this post I’ll try to carefully reveal this issue.

What is a coin on Aliexpress

The coin is some kind of an internal currency. One can apply them only on the Aliexpress platform and cannot convert them into real money.

They work only at the mobile app and can be earned and used only there. 

You will need to open the app to see the quantity of coins that you have. On the start page there is a section “mobile bonuses”. Open it and on the top right corner you’ll see the quantity.

Here you can see your coins and exchange them for coupons in the browser version of the website.

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What can be purchased for coins


The coins can be exchanged on special coupons that will operate during 7 days or on the sellers’ coupons with individual terms. It could either work one or some months.

Partial payment for items

At the “mobile bonuses” section at the very bottom there is a list of goods that you can buy cheaper if you use your coins. However not every item is better to buy this way. With that in mind take a careful look at all what a tricky Chinese can offer.


There is also a category in which you can purchase an item for only 0,01$ if you pay a particular amount of coins.

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Bets in games

One can spend coins for different games on Ali at the following subdivision. However this method refers mostly to earning them, so I give a better description as follows.

How to get coins on Aliexpress

There are certain methods to attract them. Almost all of them are routine and indeed are the wasting of time if you use only one of them. So if your goal is to earn as many coins as possible, the methods should be applied in complex. To be precise, there are 3 particular ways of earning.

Daily bonuses

You receive them just for the fact of opening the app on the daily bases and clicking on the “coin” button. To do so open the same bonus page. At the top press the coin block as you see on the screen below. The quantity of them varies and depends of the day you do the clicking.


  • First day — 1 coin;
  • Second — 5 
  • Third — 8
  • Forth — 10
  • Fifth — 12
  • Sixth — 14
  • Seventh — 15

Every day that follows will give you maximum – 16 coins a day. However if you miss only one day, you’ll have to start the process from the very beginning.

It is the simplest way of earning. So if you want to receive as many as possible, don’t forget to visit the app regularly.

Task of the day

There are also certain tasks that you can do only once a day. Unfortunately they give just little amount of coins. Anyway if you want to earn as many of them as possible, than you should do these tasks as well. Besides it doesn’t take much time.

Put a “like”

First task is to put a like to any shop from the Shop Club. It’s quite easy to find it. Just press on the task button and you’ll be transferred on the right page.

Sign to blogger page

Second way is to sign to any blogger at the “Shopaholic Club” section. Technically it means to start following one of the Aliexpress bloggers. If you do this, don’t forget to follow my page. My login is: MilkShake_

Make a comment

The third task is to write a comment on the blogger’s post. Click the button and you’ll see the page with reviews. Just choose a post you like and make any comment. Better if it will be nice and useful.

Coupon exchange

The forth way is to change coins to the seller’s coupons. I think that this quest is at least strange. See, the cheapest coupons’ prize is 50 coins and for that exchange task you will receive only 3 plus. What was the idea of those who proposed the method. I have no thoughts.

Share the category of items

Here is the fifth task. Press the following button and you will be transferred on one of the categories. By using the “sharing” button you will open the list of standard social apps: networks, messengers, emails and so on. You can send the letter to yourself and it will be ok for the program. Me personally do not recommend to send this as a message to your friends or followers on the social networks. There will be more hates from them than Ali bonuses.

Gaming land

For now there are only 3 games. And each of them requires your coins to start. Few years ago all they did is just bleed us dry with no profit at all. Now the situation is a bit better.

Lucky forest

It seems the best and the most profitable game from the presented. You have a small tree at the beginning. Your task is to grow it by taking care, watering, getting rid of insects and healing if it got ill. All this actions cost the coins but the sums are minimal comparing with that you are receiving when it grows good. Main point is to take care of it regularly otherwise your tree will die and you’ll have to pay for revitalization. The number of daily actions is limited.

For now I have 13 grown trees. The amount of earned coins you can see on the screen. Many of them have already been spent but anyway you see that it’s a real way of earning.

Денежное дерево Алиэкспресс

Bubble Challenge

Shoot different balloons surrounded by obstacles. One shoot costs 2 coins. You’ll earn different prizes from the shot down balloon. There is a possibility to strike the coupons as well. However you can earn too much at this game. There is a limit of the daily playing.

Настреляй скидок Алиэкспресс

Flip n win

There you have 8 cards. First you will see what are under them. It could be coins or special coupons. After that they are turned faces up and shuffled. Then you can choose only two of them. One opening costs 5. It’s indeed easy to win and usually I’ve taken more than lose. However the game possibilities a day is also limited.

Угадай карту Алиэкспресс

Aliexpress coins hack

In case you find any programs to add coins by hacking, usually they are just scams. There no real one as Ali pays lots attention to protect its web page and servers. In the worst scenario your computer will be damaged with viruses.


The all you need is to spend 5-10 minutes a day to the above mention actions. If you do it every day just after month or two you’ll accumulate good amount of coins and will be able to buy something you want.

Best purchases to all. Yours, MilkShake

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Very descriptive post, I liked that bit. Will there be a part 2?
6 July 2022, 16:32

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