Spring must have fashion trends 2020 at Aliexpress

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Spring has come and it means that it's time to put fur coats and down jackets in your wardrobe. Warm and sunny weather becomes to go outside, there is a fresh spring air. So, you have to show yourself to the world in all its glory.

Don't be in a hurry to say, "I have nothing to wear"! You are faced with a completely normal situation when old things stop being liked. It means that your preferences have changed, and you are ready for changes in your wardrobe to feel beautiful and confident in everyday life.

As always, Aliexpress will help us in creating a fashionable look. We noted the current trends of spring and picked up for you things of good quality and at affordable prices in this article.

Denim Look

Lovers of denim can rejoice! The denim bow is one of the most relevant in the new season. Pants, skirts, dresses, shirts and so on would be perfect! Feel free to use your imagination in creating spring onions!


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Initially, pantsuits were designed to emphasize the status of a business lady, hide figure flaws and to find the lady in many people. Clothing designers are increasingly paying attention to trouser suits, taking into account the individual characteristics of every woman.


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That is dress in bright, rich and expressive color. It is perfect for determined ladies who are not afraid of strong accents in the images. Fuchsia is also possible in the clothing and accessories. It goes perfectly with beige, helping to look more feminine and elegant.


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Classic Trench Coat

A trendy classic trench coat is a versatile and practical outerwear. The palette of delicate colors allows you to combine it with pants, as well as with black dresses of different styles and shoes with heels.


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Black and White Print

The so-called striped style has become one of the leading in this spring. Things with similar prints make the figure more perfect, visually hiding flaws.


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You got it right. Not small ornaments on the neck, but real massive chains with a large links. You can ask "why?". It is brutality and courage and that is the answer.


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Silk Handkerchiefs

It is impossible to imagine a spring look without fashionable shawls or scarves. Small neckerchiefs of original colors are the most often made of silk. This accessory can show everyone your beauty.


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The fashion of the spring season also include a cap made of felt or leather material. Kepi, as an elegant headdress. It is in high demand among sophisticated ladies.


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Round Sunglasses

The undoubted hit of the season-round glasses. Do not rush to deny and say that they do not fit your face shape. So, you will not notice how a stylish accessory will complement your new bow.


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Transparent Handbag

Transparent handbag that goes in addition to a denim look or a classic trench coat and that is a favorite of many girls. Designers have brought a bold idea to life, because modern women are no longer shy about the "insides" of their main accessory.


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What could be more beautiful for a woman than creating a new and bright image that helps to become a little happier? You can kill two birds with one stone with AliExpress: choose fashion items based on your own preferences, and save time so as not to stand in long queues of stores.

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Share in the comments if you are going to update your wardrobe. What spring looks do you like the most? 

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