TOP 10 Best Selling Products in May 2021 on Aliexpress

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We have prepared a new TOP sales from all over Aliexpress without changing the long-standing tradition. This time, there are more changes than usual. Let's see together how the leaders on Aliexpress have changed. We remind you that information is not taken from the air. It is shared by Alibaba Group.

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10. Anti-stress toy Pop it


We wrote about the popularity of this toy in a previous article. According to the interest to the product, it is absolutely not surprising that it is into the TOP of the best-selling products of May. This lot has been sold over 10,000 times. By the time of writing the article, there were sold over 30,000 pcs.


9. Headband


It feels like this product is endless. It is stamped day and night to satisfy requests. But the range changes from time to time and it does not have time to get bored. There were over 10,000 deals last month. We believe that the popularity of the product will increase.


8. Apple Watch Straps


The comfortable braided nylon thread straps were definitely going to be a hit. This is what you need for the summer because silicone makes your wrists sweat, and you can get burns from metal if you heat up well in the sun. So, the model is perfect!


7. Shoe eraser


We doubt that this eraser can clean sneakers, but people purchase by the ton. Maybe they just want to check its efficiency or it really works. Reviews are mixed. However, it was sold over +10,000 times last month.


6. iPhone Cases


These are high-quality cases made of soft material in a monotonous color. That is what solid people need. Cases are one of the best-selling products on Aliexpress. Well, this model is here because it was sold at least 20,000 times, and the total amount of sales is over 80,000.


5. Transparent adhesive tape


This thing is not just the hero of various life hacks, it is a really useful thing in most cases. Apparently, people immediately began to fix all the breakdowns in the house. It is the only reason to explain the amount of sales.


4. POCO M3 Pro 5G


There is no wonder of the product’s popularity. POCO is a sub-brand of Xiaomi. The month before last, a new model was released and now it is on the TOP list. We really hope that this will not be a monthly tradition. Phones, of course, are good, the model range is really great and it can be difficult to choose the best one.


3. Magnetic USB Cable


Finally, the magnetic cables are losing their position. Have all the people of the world already purchased it? Despite the fact, there is still interest in the product and it was sold over 20,000 times in May and it is quite good result.


2. I7s Wireless Headphones


Headphones for such a price and with such promises like these just have to get into the TOP list of sales. People purchase several models at once in case they break down quickly, which is not excluded. Most reviews are positive.


1. Thermal bottle


That’s a great surprise that the leader of the TOP list is a newcomer. Previously, this product has never been included in this list. The futuristic design with an electronic dial and the features to use it like a thermos makes it popular.


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As we wrote above, there are more changes than usual. That is great, because the monotony is boring. What do you think about this? Write your opinion in the comments below and subscribe to our Telegram channel to read new interesting articles about Aliexpress.

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