The searching for the large-size clothes with nice tailoring and design is not an easy task. Common mass-market usually does not provide the variety of size grid. On the other side, the stores that specialize on the plus-size wearing can't boast with attractive assortment. And if one searches clothes in internet-stores the situations gets even more complicated. That is why for ladies with larger size shopping often becomes a hated nightmare.

To somehow facilitate their fate and make the search of the nice plus-size clothes easier we decided to establish this short list of Aliexpress stores. The main feature of such stores is the intention to follow the contemporary fashion and to attract clients with special non-typical assortment.

Don't worry that on some screens there are slim models. The size grids of all the following stores include also the plus-size items.


Johnature Official Store


It is the Chinese brand that specializes on developing of cotton underwear and national or traditional female clothes. It is well-known for the use of natural fabric. The items' quality is also on the top as well as its nature-look style. The “oversize” models fits both slim and large-forms ladies.


Alifestyle Online Store


One of the top-brand sellers with great variety of standard and simple design sweatshirts. the clothes is ideal for daily activity.


BF Fashion


The company brand represents casual as well as classic style clothes. There are huge diversity of nice blouse both for office and day-to-day life.

Store link



Popular brand store, which includes items not only from women's but also from the men's assortment. The main direction is classic shirts with different prints. The wide range of size: up to 5XL.




This brand provides great variety of silk and chiffon blouses for summer time. The color scheme is large and attractive. The stores' size grid includes 3XL items!


Soperwillton Trendy Store


It is young company with good rate that offers its clients good set of casual blouses and T-shirts of simple models, nice trapezoid-look dresses, warm clothes and furs. On the main page of the brands' website one can switch directly on the review of the chosen item and catch one-two useful vouchers.


Swim-suit stores

Indeed, one can never have too many clothes, but for your consideration we also wanted to include two nice swim-suit stores in this list. They've been placed not just at the top-brand Chinese stores list. They also represent two leading companies in plus-size clothes segment on Aliexpress.

eleposture Official Store


This store's infinite intention can be described in three words: fashion, sexuality and elegancy. The store maintains great quality of its items and services. The design of this company's swimwear is quite simple and elegance. But the main plus of that the store remains that it provides goods for ladies with plus-size forms.


NAYOOTON Official Store


Companies feature is comfort, health and sport-style fashion. The store follows the principle that service quality is more important than the delivery speed. The assortment is large and includes swimwear with plus-size grid.


If any of you intends to choose clothes on the slim figure, we can offer our top list of women's clothing stores. Scroll it and you won't regret as we include in it the best Chinese brands stores that Aliexpress can offer you today.

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